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Anime Nano Podcast #8 – Doujinshi Party!


In episode 8 of the Anime Nano Podcast, we discuss the release of Hinano’s Otaku Idol video, the brutal war between DarkMirage and Doremi Fansubs, The groupification of the Random Curiosity anime blog, and the process of publishing a doujinshi manga. We also talk about Tokyopop and their online “exclusive” manga.

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Show Notes:

OP – ‘Aishitageru’ by LOVERIN TAMBURIN
ED – ‘COYOTE’ by Naoki and Rina with Power Sound & Sana

Hinano’s Hare Hare Yukai Youtube video. She sounds exactly like Hirano Aya!

The DarkMirage vs. Doremi Fansubs original post + a followup post.

The introduction post for Random Curiosity 4.0.

News article about Tokyopop selling web exclusive manga on their website.

Comic Party, the anime about doujinshi.

Correction: School Rumble volumes 1, 2, and 3 are out. Volume 4 is to be released on December 26th. Go School Rumble!

Link to Hinano’s Vibrator on Ebay.

Konoha Park Time Skip Episode 1 by Hinano.

Bae Yong Joon, popular among Japanese housewives.

38 replies on “Anime Nano Podcast #8 – Doujinshi Party!”

I am so happy that you people know what you are talking about.
Ladholyman did the translation for all 26 episodes of Mai Otome.
Ladholyman translated these from Chinese to English.
Ladholyman does not speak Japanese.
Ladholyman translations are completely dependant on these Chinese subs.
Ladholyman translated Mai-Otome DVD Special 8 from a BAD Japanese to Chinese sub.

Doremi did not do anything wrong. After darkmirage’s post they PROMPTLY released a V2. Just recently they released a V3.
Do NOT compare Doremi to Anime Junkies. Doremi has an excellent track record for releasing quality subs. Anime Junkies consistently released low to marginal quality subs. Doremi as a group deserves more respect than you gave them.

Shame on you. 2X shame on Hinano for being an elitist prick.

First comment! I think, anyway. (I’m so immature.) Hm…

-What’s with all the mecha and dating sim adaptations coming out this fall? And is it more of a headache to figure out what to watch if you like those genres or if you hate them?
-What was the most disappointing ending you can remember?

It wasn’t really our intention to slander Doremi or anything. I think of Doremi as one of the better groups, and I’m pretty sure jpmeyer does too. We were just commenting on the post that DarkMirage wrote and gave our honest opinions.

Having said that, I still think that relying on the quality of Chinese subs is kind of dangerous, and that having no one that actually knows Japanese is a bad idea.

Oh God, my mom fawns over that Korean actor guy…

Anyways, the questions…
– Out of the 40 new series coming this fall, which are your top 5 picks?
– (off-topic but…) What are your thoughts on the current future of doujinshi? Do you think America or other countries will pick up this sort of fanbase?

i think disgaea 2 is awesome too! i was playing it for 6 hrs straight and i only bought it yesterday. but my mages kept dying and i got like gang raped by the enemies lmao. im not that into RPG, but i just felt like spending money on some game. school starts tmr so i can’t really play as much anymore

i like it when you guys ramble on, sometimes it ends up being funny….

haha yessss, we could hear what everyone’s fetish is… we know hung is a loli, what about hinano and jp hmm?

Ladholyman: bah, one misshap and this is what happens
Maceart: i guess we can count our group lucky then
Ladholyman: thank you, jpmeyer, whoever you are
jpmeyer huggles doremi
Maceart: woah

How would you go about asking a fellow fan who is a friend of yours to tone down their overt fanism in public? Have you ever been embarrased by a friends displays of anime fandom?

Also, Hinano you have my sympathy, panties on teh internets = no good. You [ well Hung actually] have hornball’s e-mail, you could do something to him 😛 Will Bartender be one of the must-see animes of the fall season? Is it the Yakitate Japan! of cocktails?

It seems more people are jumping on the OEL bandwagon with someone starting an OEL anthology mag of BL stories. Sexual content aside, is it just me or is the art more polished and a lot less weeaboo than most of the stuff in Tokyopop’s OEL line?

Ha, thanks guys for your awesome ramblings which keep me company on my lonely nights when there’s no anime to watch.

and… /yawn at drama. At least, drama that isn’t in the form of an anime or j-drama.

Btw, I think the best part of your podcast is the portion where you ramble with no apparent goal or anything. It’s cool when you have a schedule and answer questions, but it’s just as good or better when you all have fun and laugh about random stuff (like at the end). Keep em coming, good shit. I wouldn’t worry about the time constraint, maybe split it up if it gets too long with relevant and non relevant stuff?

@Hinano: I dunno how you managed to stand up there and sing, cuz damn, that’d be hard as hell. Not only that, but there were probably like zillions of guys drooling n shit. @[email protected] Good job being able to move fast enough to keep up with the music though, i always thought the movement was too fast to be done smoothly in real life but it was pretty good.

[long comment, bleah]

Hinano, I looked through your websites to check out your art, including the cover of your doujinshi. Sorry if this sounds rude, I’m not trying to be at all, but if your mytho-soup manga is on the same level as the art on your sites then I can see why the Tokyopop person would tell you that your drawing skills need improvement.

I think if Tokyopop pullls out of Waldenbooks it will be a great blow to their sales. I only ever used Tokyopop website it check on future releases, and never bought from them directly. I either go to Waldenbooks or buy from Right Stuf. Thats weild I just tried to shop at Tokyopop and it sent me to Rght Stuf.

Hinano, you make some awesome videos. Don’t let the naysayers get you down, all artist go though the critisism sooner or later.

You didn’t list the op and closing this time, and I don’t recognize last epsode op. referance so could you please update them.

Keep up the good work.

I don’t know why that got made into a series. Maybe it was the gimmick of Ueki’s power. It’s a different industry anyway, they can run a few chapters and cut it off if it’s not popular. They don’t have to committ to 200-page books.

I didn’t say your art sucked, nor did I compare it to some Japanese mangaka. My point was that I can see issues with anatomy, proportion and perspective that could make a publisher reject it. Not that that’s going to stop anyone from buying the doujinshi if you go by the comments on DA. But if you say “fuck them” to everyone who sees a flaw in your art, if you’re going to dismiss every little criticism as an insult, isn’t that going to hold back your own development?

I keep staring, hoping that at an unsuspecting moment, one of his straps will fall of his shoulder and reveal a glorious man-boob.

I think that DrmChsr0 was being sarcasticm about the Anim Nano Porncast. 😛

Sorry Hinano, but I am going to have to agree with Haruhi > Haruhi, your art is not at professional artist level. You have to remember that with Manga just like conventional writing the hardest thing to get published is your first work, after which you have much more credibility as an author. Remember publishing an authors first work is a a potentially major risk to a publisher, so they have to see the work as being potentially profitable before they are willing to take that risk especially if you don’t have a preexisting audience like an established author or for example webcomic artist, which brings me to my suggestion; start bublishing your manga, or even something completely different as a webcomic, that way you can develop your artistic and story writing skills as well as create a preexisting audience that will give you more credibility with publishers, it worked for Fred Gallagher, who I think I can safely say is the most famous American Mangaka out there. Just a suggestion.

I saw that a week ago or so, and laughed my ass off. To think they actually “learn” stuff like that, its just too damn funny. I guess it’s kind of cool to swear in english in Japan? I dunno…maybe you guys would know?

I have a two Gundam Seed doujins by Tim Tim machine where the characters go chibi while fucking. It’s quite hilarious (and arousing.)

And I guess I have a question I guess: besides anime, what else do you like about otaku culture?

JP, thanks for the edumacated answer to my question last week

now for this week

1: Should we be concerned that english anime distributors will grow less dependant on the hardcore fans and in turn start churning out shittier product? (eg. more liberal translations, censoring, etc) *cough* like the north american manga industry

2. (on a related note) Any idea how well the uncut Naruto boxset is selling in relation to the edited?

i’ve been wondering… in Tsubasa Chronicles, how many feathers have they caught so far? i’ve always watched it but never really counted.

@Andrew: The “perverted comment section” part was actually directed at Hinano’s, jpmeyer’s, Hung’s subsequent conversation regarding “What’s Hot/Better Than a Hinano Panty Flash”. I wasn’t looking at/reading DrmChr0’s comment when I said that.

hornball started it, somewhat. 😛

I was actually referring to Hung and JPMeyer’s pictures of each other when I said that 😛

As to what Hinano and JPMeyers fetishes are… I’m pretty sure Hinano said she likes perverted guys, how she meant that, we may never know, but take from that what you will. JPMeyer obviously has a thing for France and mecha meaning he would want umm some kind of French mecha musume or something. [I don’t know, work with me here.] you guys really should do some kind of Anime hot or not type of thing, that woud be awesome.

Wow I have commented three times now on this podcast, I guess I just like to hear myself talk, or rather read myself type, or something like that.

Also, my vote for length is just to keep having it be whatever length it comes out to be because you can never have too much Anime Nano Podcast, and because the artificial shortening of podcasts because of peoples complaints that they are too long is silly, and leads to weird endings. Just as long as you don’t get too far off on a tangent, its good IMO.

I can’t remeber if you guys answered this question so im just gonna go ahead and ask it. Do you guys ever buy things from Japan? (ex. Or do you just download everything.

Who is the most annoying anime character, in your opinion(s?)?

Also, what’s up with cat girls in anime?

apparently the artist for death note was arrested for having an army knife in his car; he was driving around at midnight with no headlights and was stopped by police. is this true????

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