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Anime Nano Podcast #9 – Pay Per Preview


Episode 9 of the Anime Nano Podcast is upon us! We discuss the Evangelion movies (which Hung apparently skipped altogether), the new Fall 2006 anime, and answer some mailbag questions.

Your hosts for this podcast are (as always):

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Show Notes:

OP: Sakura Kiss by Kawabe Chieco
ED: Kusari by Kawakami Akiko
Hung really needs to watch Evangelion, supposedly.

We used Moetron’s list to figure out which new Fall anime to talk about.

Super Robot Wars website. Still under constraction.

The qoo thing.

Hung buys Japanese stuff from Yesasia mostly. Hinano uses too. If you buy lots of stuff online, be sure to use the Anime Nano Support page thing to help us out.

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Here’s a topic for next week.
A new RPG from the company that did Disgaea. “I want the localization team to be able to express this popular Japanese feeling of Moe to the American gamers through the gameplay,” Haru Akenaga President of NIS America says.” It even lists moe in the game features list.

I also have two questions: What’s hotter: traps or reverse traps? Are there any shonen stories that don’t degenerate into endless powerups?

Jpmeyer on Eva: “So hot that it melted the butter that I liberally applied to my groin”

Ha, I saw that press release about moe and was gonna write a post about it. But I’m lazy.

If there ever was an argument that the animenano podcast needs a little preperation or organization before discussing topics or previews, episode 9 is definitely it. Not everyone, but at least one person in the posse, who can school the others..

It’s normally not so bad, but after listening to the list of previews this episode, I kinda feel as though the majority of them could be cut out and I wouldn’t have really missed much entertainment or information. You want the podcast to sound like three people hanging out, but not so much that you forget that there’s an audience downloading and listening to 50 minutes of this.

The mailbag was delivered pretty quick and solid tho. (although the hot/not feature coulda been used to pad a shorter episode)

Jigoku Shoujo better not try to shoehorn another plot.. Jigoku Shoujo pwning random assholes = radness. Jigoku Shoujo getting all emo and and not pwning anyone = wackness.

Oh and when I was referring to a “shittier product”, I guess I was talking about script editing/censorship.. lots of localization.. loose/lazy translations.. drop japanese extras… since the mainstream isn’t going to worry so much about that.. So yeah, what Hung said 🙂 I probably should have said “pander less to the hardcore fans” and if that’ll be a worry (which is probably silly since most people just rewatch their fansubs :))

Just added 5 more titles to the list:

BLACK LAGOON: The Second Barrage
_Summer Season.1
Bikkuriman Hikariden
Master of Epic

Another fine podcast as always. I’m really glad you guys were able to find my list useful. I’ll be sure to keep it updated as the weeks go by. Thanks again.

Umm that was not at all what I meant by Anime hot or not, {I was thinking more along the lines of like anime tropes] but whatever, it was still awesome.

i hadn’t realised there were so many jump mangas being made into anime this season, maybe they’ll attract naruto fans who are sick of fillers? anyway my question is what/which anime have you rewatched the most and why?

I just wanted to say, that Negima picture is all sorts of disturbing. It looks like he’s being rammed in the butt by the girl behind him. Although that may seem hot to some, it just makes me cringe every time I see it.

Nice podcast, btw. I enjoyed it. I even followed along with you and looked at all the animes as you talked about them. It reminded me of when I was a kid and I’d read picturebooks on tape or something. Funtimes!

I didn’t like this episode.

The preview thing could have been better than it actually was. You could have done more research. Of course, you can’t know everything, but it seems that the mark is missed so many times. Like, BONES new anime being ignored and being dubbed “just another period drama”. Spirit of the Sun is very interesting and unique (in terms of anime), and you obviously just based your comments on the pictures you saw on your official site. And Hinano’s “This guy’s hot, so I’m gonna watch it” and “This guy isn’t, so I’m not” is annoying.

And it seems that all too often, the same mailbag questions are repeated in some way or another. Have a list of “already asked questions”. Though you promote your podcast on the basis that it doesn’t have a structure, SOME structure or planned-ness would benefit. Have a few more weekly features. Maybe you could do some “top 5” feature or SOMETHING like that. You see how Hinano did a blog post with older anime? Something like that, just with different subjects.

And please introduce more special guests! Do the three core people (Hung, Hinano, JP), but have different guests for different segments on the show, like what you did with that robotic sounding guy. Just make sure it’s semi planned.

And questions:

*What are the worst anime OPs you have listened to?

*Which anime would you show to people who
a. Haven’t seen an anime
b. Have a bad opinion of anime, i.e. think it is childish

*Are any of you fans of NARUTARU?

1) Just curious as to why some of the more stronger hitting and well done anime movies/OVA are never mentioned among many bloggers or even in your own podcasts in reference to stories that affected or left lasting impressions. Is it a generational thing? (i.e. younger anime watchers may not have seen these titles and not taken the time to go back and watch as they are too obsessed with the latest Bleach or Naruto fillers?)

Although JP started his anime watching came much later, Hinano and Hung I assume have been watching since the late 90’s. In all that time, did none of you ever see titles like Grave of the Fireflies (great movie on WWII japan tragedy about teh cruelty of war), Now and Then, Here and There (one of the more eerily brutal anime OVA I can recall about child brutallity, the pain and suffering of war, etc.), Arjuna (pro environmental) and etc. etc. Do teh Right Thing is a great movie from Spike, but come on, did none of these leave any kind of impression? o_O

2) NOT being an ignorant “All USA, USA ROCKS, EVERYONE ELSE SUCKS” kind of idiot, I can handle a bit of anti USA undertones in anime. We dropped 2 horrible bombs there in Japan, and we are often a world bully (usually when a Republican is in office) so I get it. But I feel as if there is more and more anti American themes in anime lately and it’s getting to the point where it seems like every show is brining up the “Evil USA” or the evil USA military. What is your take on all this anti-American comments, themes, and do you think it will effect DVD sales here in the USA? (Examples, notice how super similar looking characters mimicking Condoleezza Rice and other current Bush administration people are shown to be wanting mass murdering Chiropterans in the Blood series? In the GITS shows, it’s the evil American Military that is an underlying enemy to Section 9. And so on, and so on… It’s as if the anime industry in Japan is reverting back to it’s old sterotypes of American again.. (Anyone remember the Mad Bull anime!?? OMG stop the horror!)

Psh, American stereotypes just make me laugh. Why? Because they’re usually true and they’re damn funny. I’m from America and I think we’re pretty damn evil or scary. If I had grown up in a different country, it’d probably be even worse.

Simple solution though: Just don’t watch the animes that conflict with your views, or learn to cope with it.

Also, there’s hella hate going on. Jeez, these 3 have lives outside of their podcasting, give em a break for trying to do something special for us all. I’m pretty sure their main goal was to have fun, so anything beyond that is a bonus to us listeners.

In all honesty, we pretty much didn’t prepare for this one. So yeah, next one should be better. Maybe.

Don’t worry, you’re meant to have a bad episode at one point or another. They have had 8 episodes of non boringness, each episode being a joy to listen to up till now. It isn’t HATE, it’s just constructive criticism. No-one typed

this episode sux i hate jp hung hinano dey suk

Well, as for comments about the podcast, I’d have to say that you probably could’ve trimmed off some of the crappier shows (like that Silk Road Yuuto thingy) and left the time to talk a little more about the better stuff like Kanon. Also, perhaps the “Hot or not” section could just be a regular 1-minute segment in each podcast, wherein you guys take the chance to mock some of the crappier shows or episodes.

As for questions…

actually, I got nothing.

I have a question for future podcast: Are Anime viewers more likely to be open to new ideas? Since Anime is not a main-stream entertainment outside Japan, and if you also consider that Anime is more likely to deal with fantasy stuffs or Sci-fi things, I thought that anime fans would be more likely to entertain novel ideas and concepts. Much to my surprise, the local anime club I joined and paid membership due, the Purdue Anime Club, has repeated called me stupid for putting up new topics or answering some of older topics in their forums and often locked or deleted the posts almost as soon as I put up one, even though they contained no profanity nor anything that might be offensive to someone: an example of the post that was called stupid and basically told me to be glad that it wasn’t locked up was a post about what I thought were some of the best or most influential anime songs. What bothered me the most was, however, I have heard in the club meeting someone else mentioning a point similar to one I have raised in the forum post, and he was quickly told to shut up: more precisely, he questioned the physics in Shakugan no Shana’s world and was told that since there is magic, we should not think about any science in Shana’s world. So the question is, are anime groups and communities generally this closed minded and impolite like Purdue Anime Club, or is PAC an exception to the norm?

just like to say I have been listening to your podcasts since the first one and have listened to everyone after it and would like to say thanks for giving me something to listen to while I wait for my next classes to start at Uni(as I listen on my PSP)

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