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Anime Nano Podcast #7 – Coupe de Boule


Episode 7 of the Anime Nano Podcast is ready!

No surprises here. Your hosts are:

Drmchsr0 also showed up for a bit and said stuff about the Bandai threat. I think he might be a robot…

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This episode is a whopper. It’s pretty much a full length podcast at 72:57! In it, we talk about Bandai Entertainment threatening legal action against fansubbers, the new Kanon sequel, the de-planetization of Pluto (and the effect on the Sailor Scouts), and Hung’s plunge into visual novels. Jpmeyer also sings the Erica Ohayo Dance! Hinano talks about how youtube and deviantart are discriminating against her.

Show Notes:

ED – “Guruguru~Himawari ver.~”

Bandai Entertainment’s statement to fansubbers.

The U.S. Copyright office’s page on Fair Use.

The official Kanon website.

Pluto is no longer a planet!

Ever17, the visual novel that Hung’s trying to play.

Something Awful’s Hentai Game Reviews.

jpmeyer’s hissatsu: Coupe de Boule

The Erica Ohyaho Dance that jpmeyer sang in the podcast.

Hung’s not so scared reviews of Jigoku Shoujo, Ayakashi and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

A side by side comparison of the quality of Anime Junkies’ fansubs.

Hung listens to the Cheapass Gamer podcast and This Week in Tech when hasn’t got the Anime Nano Podcast in infinite loop.

jpmeyer’s only podcast, Magic: The Gathering.

Here’s the funny engrish from Kashimashi:

“Recheck it! Don’t you understand!? We’re not allowed to make any mistakes this time!”

“I’m afraid that that’s the fact. All the data prove its existence.”

“What the heck!? Aliens attack you say? Emergency! Call to the President!”

Article about SMAP, including a line about how Nakai Masahiro can’t sing.

Hinano’s worst anime ever, Seraphim Call, Hung’s worst anime ever, .hack//Legend of the Twilight, jpmeyer’s worst anime ever, Divergence Eve.

The really hard to watch Serial Experiments Lain.

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Hinano, oops. I fixed the links. Not that anyone will buy them anyway, since we all agreed they’re really bad…

Also, I haven’t gotten to the hamster yet. Spoiler?

I wouldn’t really call it a spoiler – its not that major a thing (and JP spoilt it for you already, anyway!), and given some of the other things what happen in E17 its a drop in the ocean…

Not only am I embarassed that such a thing exists…but i’m even more embarssed that I actually listened to the whole damn thing….dear god save me now.

Pocky in Toronto: approx. $2 (CDN) for a small box. Available in almost every Asian supermarket. This being Toronto, they’re more numerous than normal, Western supermarkets (esp. in the GTA).

A question: Do you think most fans actually sing along with the OP and ED in anime? Why do subbers make karaokes for them? Who started this trend?

Okay, I know I said that I don’t mind on the length of the podcast but damn 70 minutes! That’s a lot of time to sit in front of my PC stroking my moustache. And hmm Seiyuu accademy, that may also help explain why Japanese VA’s do better jobs than the English

1st Question: who would win in a fight and why: Samuel L Jackson or Tripeman?

2nd Question: why the abundance of plotlines where the earth must be destroyed to be reborn, in Japan?

In regards to the Kanon game there are various versions but you did cover the main parts. Original PC version contains hentai and no voices. But the PS2 and DreamCast version has no hentai scenes but does include voices. Also you can find a voice patch for the PC version but when you get to the H-scenes there’l just be no voices.

Then there is also Kanon Standard Edition, with is pretty much a re-release of the original Kanon for PC. The only difference is that it utilises the newer game engine RealLive rather than AVG32. This pretty much means it can run on WindowsXP with no problem as the original version had problems with sound on WindowsXP.

And wow, this was a long podcast.

Question: Do you see yourself still watching anime in 8 years time? If so do you think it’s the same amount as you are watching now or less?


I’m pretty sure the subbers don’t make the actual karaoke for the OP/ED’s. The subbers simply sub the karaoke, but the romanji and japanese are both done by the studios themselves I beleive….


I don’t think that’s true because episodes put out by different subbers have different font for the karaoke (even for the kanji and romaji). Actually, even the kanji and romaji is different before the official lyrics come out.

Indeed my name is completely made up. I’ve had it since what, grade five, and have been too lazy to come up with a decent one. Hm, questions…

What is the most annoying stock character you keep seeing, and why? Is it because it’s so prolific? You really hated one character like that? There was this one girl in your gym class in grade nine that those characters remind you of?

What anime songs are fun to sing in public, and do people ever actually recognize them, or just think you are strange? (I find the best stare-inducing song would be Super Love Songs from Pichi Pichi Pitch. But that’s just me.)

Hey, you mentioned Brown Bunny, what pretentious wankery! Chloe Soveigny is so hot tho, I wish she still hung out with Harmony Korine, she greatly improves his films.

Btw, I’m pretty sure the French penis film jpmeyer mentioned is I Stand Alone, and the erect penis appears when the protagonist is watching a porn flick. Regardless of penises or lack thereof, it’s a “must-watch” for the films sheer brutality, it’s so damn brutal there are gunshots interspersed through the movies soundtrack like laugh tracks in American sitcoms.

Glad to see the anger-powered cyborg feature. He’s a bit like steampunk but a different variant, angerpunk. He was from a world where anger is the source of power.

This is the first podcast i’ve heard from you guys, i was laughing a lot.

Hm, a question, since Kanon is having a remake, which anime shows do you think need/deserve a remake? And can jpmeyer sing more songs? =D

i have a question..if you could make an anime become real, which one would it be?

BIG P.S. – I’m not a weeaboo T_T im not even white,anyway, looking forward to your next podcast.

@Useless Commentator

According to the site where I saw that (—the sex in film section is NSFW), they said that it was Romance, since the penis in that film was in context (although it was Rocco Siffreddi’s wang, so it’s at least associated with porn). But yeah, knowing Gaspar Noe, I’m not surprised that I Stand Alone had one.

LOL. I swear I’m hearing a British accent coming from drmchr0, robotic diction aside. I know he’s Singaporean (I could be wrong, though), but I was starting to wonder about that voice of his. XD

I think some western fans can name a at least a voice actor or an animation studio they like, or even an overall director of a series. Do you think individual animators and episode directors are starting to get recognition and appreciation among western fans like they do in Japan?


You talk about Kanon and forgot me T_T

Why T_T

Yeah, I do sound like a robot. I need a better mike.

And yeah, long podcast is looooooooooooooooooong.

T_T Hinano is insulting Yuu Watase T_T

Hung: One thing of note, no you should not play Clannad.

Yeah, SA’s Hgame reviews are hilarious, but uh, I have this dislike of SA.

Oh, you forgot Dai Mahou Touge.

And now, questions.
What are your thoughts on poeple who proudly proclaim themselves as otaku?

Aww, no smoked cheese this episode. ;_; The next episode preview is still great.
I think that when you get list best/worst/etc anime/thing questions, instead of just listing off some titles it would be better to choose one or two each and go into more detail as to what makes them good answers to the question.

What do you guys do/where are you from? I suppose we do know that Hung is from New Mexico, land of desert/horses, and that Jpmeyer is a grad student, but thats it as of yet, I think…. [oh noes, if you answer this question your legion of fans can stalk you :P]

1. Jpmeyer made people stare at me on the bus when I laughed at his erica song. I was upset after that.

2. If you could make an anime about anything you wanted what would it be about?

3. Do you think there is an anime that is equivalent to what Snakes on a Plane is to cinema?

4. Before you got into anime can you remember what you thought of it? I actually did think it was all porn robots until I watched some properly.

5. How many series of anime do you think have you watched in total?

6. Does too much use of super deformed characters make an anime worse or is it better?

Are there any animes that you think have “jumped the shark?” Meaning that after a certain episode, character death, plot climax, etc. was no longer worth watching or just plain took a turn for the worse.

For jpmeyer: considering that you’re somewhat of a Francophile I’ve got a book recommendation for you. If you can find it read “Paris to the Moon” by Adam Gopnik. It’s essentially an American’s account of his life in Paris, and his experiences with the culture, food, and daily life there. I’ve spent time in Paris and can relate to some of the things mentioned in the book. In fact the book made me more of a Francophile than I already was.

recently, there has been a dispute between Doremi-fansubs and the blogger DarkMirage. although the dispute has already been settled, what is your intake now about the fansubbing community?

Now that I think about it, there isn’t really any way for you to answer my question without the entire answering being totally spoilerific. It would probably just be another question you can all answer in about 5 seconds.

So if you cant answer my original question, what about this: has there every been a particular piece of anime memorabilia that you had to have? Furthermore, is there a particular thing or things in your collection of anime stuff that you particularly treasure?

What do you think of anime-based-on-manga? example: negima, love hina, keroro gunsou, rurouni kenshin, air gear, tenjou tenge, one piece, hunter x hunter, shaman king, naruto, bleach, fushigi yuugi, chocotto sister, binbou shimai monogatari, ARIA, honey clover, etc (I just realized that there’s too much of them, so I’d stop here).

Why does it seems like anime-based-on-manga often turns up worse than the original manga? Do you have any theory why? My personal theory: audience expectation, censorship, anime story catching up to manga(filler spisodes). Do you think there’s any anime-based-on-manga that actually turns up on par or actually better than the manga? If the main attraction of the manga is fanservice, why do anime companies keep on censoring them?

I just realized that there’s actually quite a lot that turns up on par or better than the manga, like one piece, mahoraba, rozen maiden, card captor sakura, chobits and keroro gunsou. So, you don’t really need to answer my question about the existence of good anime-based-on-manga.

I actually thought of other questions. Lately (I think it started from this spring) anime companies have been making ridiculously a lot of animes. But a lot of those animes are actually adaptations from other medium, like manga, novel and games. In fact the amount of original animes (not adaptations) doesn’t seem to increase that much. What do you think of this? opinions? theory?

We were actually thinking of recording on Sat, jp. Is that okay with you? I’ll probably see you on IRC. Maybe.

what do feel is a reasonable price point for anime on dvd? here in the uk at times it feels like i’m getting bumraped (3 eps for £20 ;_;)

>3. Do you think there is an anime that is equivalent to what Snakes on a Plane is to cinema?

Musashi GUN-DOH

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