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Anime Nano Podcast #17: Read And Die!


Time for the Anime Nano Podcast #17! In this episode, we talk about the 10 minute reading limit at Borders, Nanatsuiro Drops, and the end of Naruto fillers. We also answer your mailbag questions about super powers and whatnot.

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Show Notes:

OP: Kouya Ruten

PartTimeOtaku’s post about the Borders manga limits. Os’ reaction to the limit.

Some info about that Nanatsuiro Drops anime.

Hinano’s post about Busou Renkin cock jokes

I did some detective work and found the Junichiro Koizumi anime.

Mao-Chan is sooo moe.

59 replies on “Anime Nano Podcast #17: Read And Die!”

You sure are going to have a long welcome back podcast, right?

I miss it too much -huggles podcast- I’ve been having to listen to haunted NJ on the bus, and htat doesnt really help much.

hey, this may seem completely random, but does anyone know what anime/manga the image for this post is from please? i just thought it was pretty cool =) thanks!

Yeah, what anime is the image from? the style looks familair but I can’t place it with anything specific.

I had no clue that there was a ten minute reading limit at borders. I went there just last week and I read from two in the afternon to about six at night. It was great and no one told me I had to leave ar anything. Ha!!!! ten minute reading limit!!!!! lets see any one try to take a book out of my hands after ten minutes!!!!!

Does anyone know what anime or manga the image for this post is from pretty please with a cerry on top? TT-TT

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