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Anime Nano Podcast #16: Uguu~?


This week in the Anime Nano Podcast, we discuss new licenses, otaku aptitude tests, ero game engines and anime blogging issues. We also open up the mailbag and answer some hard hitting questions. Or questions that just confuse us.

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Show Notes:

OP: Hikari no Kisetsu
ED: Shangri-la

Hinano wants to sell her Ebay hentai doujinshi. Buy it.

Get the Blade Engine 2.0 and start making eroge today!

Here’s a good summary of the whole anime blog saturation thingy that happens in waves.

Mahoraba is this anime. Maburaho is that crappy magic one.

Naikaku Kenryoku Hanzai Kyosei Torishimarikan Zaizen Jotaro is fun to say.

Binchou-tan makes me sleepy.

32 replies on “Anime Nano Podcast #16: Uguu~?”

omfg, that pic of yuuichi and the exaggerated chins is just BADDD! i’m going to have nightmares….. seriously.

question – did you ever like a certain anime because of the character’s powers/abilities? i liked R.O.D because they used paper as weapons! that was awesomeeeeeee!

The best way I’ve heard the man-giant robot affinity described is “A man’s romance”, from a Super Robot Wars parody manga.

Didn’t think I was the one who started fueling all the blog dorama, but anyway I was hoping that all the drama that would end in my summary and we start poking fun at anime (and each other) again.

The Hinano vs. jpmeyer blogging style part was so lolz!

Please watch an episode of Gintama (preferably not the first hour-long special) and review. (Shinsen-Subs just started subbeing it, I believe.)

LOL at the “chin distortion”. Reminds me of that one American cartoon series… I can’t put my finger on it, but I’ll manage to remember it.

What is with the drama about too many blogs? Do you think any of it is valid?

Have any of you had the effect where you hear awesome music in an anime and it’s not as good out of context, i.e. when you’re just listening to it?

Making fancharacters, or “original characters for an established canon”. Have you ever done so? Made one that wasn’t a Sue? What’s your opinion on it?

@Zeroblade: Yeah, that might be it, lol. XP

Now on to the podcast. Long comment as the previous.

ROFL jpmeyer’s “fanboy” impression was pure gold. Awesomeness to a level! 😛

LOL at the “porn/hentai” searches on Google. Makes my table of search results more sanitized. ;P

So tsun-Hinano = Narusegawa type? LOL. XD

LOL too much “geeking” on Pokemon. So I see you guys share a common history.

Oh man, oh man. jp’s a geek in naval battles, certified. XD

Love the Hinano-jpmeyer love-hate interaction. 😛

Oh man this podcast makes me ROFLMAO so much I wish my headphones have mouth cups, so that olny I would be able to hear out loud. XD

OMG jpmeyer getting all excited about naval battles. I cracked up so hard.

Anime that makes me fall asleep: Naruto.

Hung: “I like the shows where everyone dies.”
Hinano: “ooookay.”

Awesome episode, thanks guys.

lol, that pic reminded of some bad porn i watched where the guy had this massive forehead… you just couldn’t stop but stare at just how mashed it looked hahahaha

You guys should also have a store. With shirts and stuff that have quotations from the podcast. I’d definitely buy a shirt that said “You just had to talk about Soviet Russia, didn’t you?” ^^;


Have any of you guys ever experienced the moe sensation? I never really understood moe until I got a tingle down my spine while watching Kanon 2006 and began screaming moe, moe at Ayu’s cuteness.

Actually, Hinano found out that Hung’s limbs (all five) are fake and he can only move them with his vectors, also JPmeyer killed her real parents when they were children and he’s currently wandering around naked and peeing in the hall way… EL style.

While it’s true that JP is at my house every weekend….Hung said we had no topics and everyone was out on holiday break so he said “lets not do the podcast this week”. I thought he’d post a hiatus post but I guess he didnt

But I need tacos… I mean podcasts, I need them or I will explode, that happens to me sometimes [/gir]

That reminds me, what ever happened to that other podcast? (I would italicize other if that were possible)

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