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Anime Nano Podcast #17: Read And Die!


Time for the Anime Nano Podcast #17! In this episode, we talk about the 10 minute reading limit at Borders, Nanatsuiro Drops, and the end of Naruto fillers. We also answer your mailbag questions about super powers and whatnot.

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Show Notes:

OP: Kouya Ruten

PartTimeOtaku’s post about the Borders manga limits. Os’ reaction to the limit.

Some info about that Nanatsuiro Drops anime.

Hinano’s post about Busou Renkin cock jokes

I did some detective work and found the Junichiro Koizumi anime.

Mao-Chan is sooo moe.

59 replies on “Anime Nano Podcast #17: Read And Die!”

If you’re such big fans of nanatsuiro drops that you need to talk about it, how about writing the title of it properly? Sloppy job, sloppy fans.

What are you talking about? The title is totally spelled correctly, and capitalized! And I guess technically, it should be ななついろ★ドロップス for total correctness. Sloppy proofreading, krneki…

It just shows how immature the authors of this site are not to admit their own mistake and quickly correct the errors, trying to cover their sloppiness tracks.
And don’t give me japanese lessons, bouya. I purchased this game from japanese sites and ultimatively finished the Sumomo path, so please, spare me the purist lessons.

ROFL you’re bragging about finishing a porn game. おめでとうございますお兄ちゃん!★

I’ve watched Lain in it’s entirety and I really enjoyed it even though I didn’t understand at all.

Also I listen to plenty of anime OP’s in my car. Blasting Hare Hare Yukai remixs over my 800 watt car stereo does get me weird looks sometimes but I don’t care what people think anyway. Higurashi’s OP is awesome in my car, Red Fraction too.

Dang, we sure are sloppy. Maybe we should spend our time proofreading our posts. Or going onto other people’s podcast blogs and making asses of ourselves.

A simple “hey, it’s actually Nanatsuiro Drops, not Natsuiro Drops” would have sufficed, but you had to be an ass.

Meh, I’ll probably just erase all of your comments later, after I’m done doing some proofreading!

Hinano:1 , krneki: 0

Question time~ What would be the only figure you would get if a figure shop place sells everything for a dollar and had all the figures in the world? Also, you could only pick ONE figure and everybody would think you’re not cool if you don’t get a figure.

Really funny show this week, mainly because I could both laugh AT the Star Wars/Trek talk AND at Hinano’s cries for help.

Regarding Lain, I’ve seen it all the way through a few times, though that was years ago. I suspect a lot of its popularlity came from the fact that it was a DVD release before the days when digisubs became widespread and of watchable quality. There wasn’t as much to watch those days, so anything even slightly odd automagically became really popular. I’m not sure I could watch it these day, though since I have the DVDs I suppose I could try. I could probably still enjoy Haibane and Niea_7 though.

I can’t beleive you called the character designs on the original Negima TV series good – they were bland beyond belief, and the choice of colour palette was hideous. That show sucked soooo hard.

As someone who actually buys manga, people who read manga in the aisles kind of annoy me – I actually want to buy those books, and all those cheap people have the cheek to scuff them all up! BAH! Thankfully its not all that common over here (at least not in the places I shop), but people who reduce my shopping efficiency in any way whilst having no intention of actually buying anything are lamers.

I don’t think listening to anime music in the car is too geeky. Well, not as long as its not loud enough for people on the outside to hear it. Recently I’ve been listening to THE [email protected] soundtrack rather than anime music, though, which probably IS geeky ^^;


That worthless internet asshole is right: your proofreading sucks.

You misspelled “Naruto.” The PROPER spelling is MOST AWESOME ANIME EVER, which you would KNOW if you’d watched all 319 episodes like I HAVE. Also, you misspelled “filler.” The CORRECT spelling is AWESOME ENHANCEMENT MATERIAL, which you would know already if you were a TRUE FAN like I am. Honestly, your hypocrisy is just overwhelming. I am going to go oil up and watch some Naruto to cleanse myself of your FALSE FANHOOD.

“What if you cooked your meal with stolen ingrediants” That sorta happens in Tampopo. Because Tampopo is awesome.

I think I finished Lain twice. Almost three times, but I guess the third time I had the normal getting bored problem and stopped. I can definitely see how most people would get bored with it. I think there’s a lot there to like though if you can stay awake. The animation is pretty good, and it does some interesting things screwing around with perspective and focalization. I think that Lain is one of those shows that really requires Cliff Notes though, because it does so much random hard-to-catch self-referencing and things like switching around who is doing voices for characters, and it’s just generally surreal and confusing. Also it is really easy to be pretentious about.

I think I could follow Lain about as well as I could follow Zeta Gundam, but at least in Lain it’s intentionally confusing instead of just being incredibly poorly paced and framed like Zeta. It’s definitely not more overrated than Zeta (or any Gundam).

fun .
at least you guys are having fun doing those podcast . especially Hinano who keeps laughing . it brings joy to the listening 😛

i buy my manga from barnes and nobles.. and it’s never wrapped. instead of actually trying to find the book i want, i’m looking at the condition of the book. the aisles are always full of kids… i hate itttt!!

– is it weird for a chinese person to be fascinated by japanese culture more than their own culture? (which is the chinese culture) since.. like china and japan aren’t the best of friends.

I hate those manga aisle kids. I resist the urge to kick everything single one of them. I don’t care if they’re ten or eighteen. Argh. Just head to your local library damnit!!!

I have the boxset of Lain but it is simply collecting dust. I keep meaning to watch it but I can’t get past the first ep.

Are large foreheads like those on Tsuruya-san from Haruhi and Sakura from Naruto a moe charm point for a character?

lol, aisle kids… always there ruining our shopping experience… it’s worst when the book is all mashed up and is the only one i wanted to buy cause that kid who just placed it back didn’t wash his hands from god-knows-what

the shrink wrap idea is good… maybe if they have a ‘demo’ book for people who want to take a quick glace at it before buying, it would work…. except when you have 2452432 kids wanting to read it 🙁

my question of the week is:
what do you guys do with your old mangas?
throw it away? or do you guys keep it, so in the future you can show your kids what anime was really about?

Whoa, linkage! Just for the record, my “name” isn’t PartTimeOtaku but I guess it’s not a bad alternate pseudonym. I’m going to put something in my sidebar so that this type of confusion has less chance of recurring in the future.

I think the Borders sign is meant to be a deterrent rather than be informative of a hardfast limit. Kind of like posting a “Beware of Dog” sign on your fence when you don’t actually have a dog to keep kids out of your backyard. Ten minutes is sufficient time for me to get ahold of the plot and the art and make a purchasing decision. Most of what little manga I buy I had read online reviews about before stepping foot into a store so leafing through the pages only helps me see how a manga actually looks and reads.

I’ve seen all of Lain and I liked it but not purely because it was about technology. I was more interested in the cinematic elements as well as the psychological parts with Lain’s sister. The story’s not easy to follow at times but I like complex stories so that’s fine. Finally the opening theme, DUVET, is one of my favorite anime songs so that’s another point of admiration from me about it.

Overall, it was an okay episode. I found out podcasts are hard to follow when trying to write a paper because my attention went back and forth and I started to lose track of what was being discussed. I did enjoy Hinano’s failed attempt to get JP to stop going on and on about Star Wars and rock operas.

I can’t think of a good question right now so I will likely post one later in the week.

I watched all of Lain but didn’t really like it. Finish all of Haibane Renmei! And I feel sooo bad for poor Hinano during the non-Japanese nerd talk. Anyway, onto the questions.

Is it weird if I think some characters are moe, even though I’m a girl?
Are any of you Wii-tards?
What’s the rarest anime you’ve seen, that you think your fellow hosts haven’t seen?
For randomness: Pokemon or Digimon?

Digimon actually has a story – however flimsy it may be at times.

Pokemon… …Pokemon is for the lolis. Lolis not quite as horrifyingly proportioned as Digimon’s. >_>

Yay podcast! And I was serious about the merchandise thing.

-This season’s memes seem to be restricted to food (taiyaki, Pizza Hut, soft ice cream, am I missing one?) Is that because people eat a lot of food during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween and/or their holiday of choice? Or am I just overanalyzing things?
-What series do you think is an insult to your favourite genre and why?
-Is episode count directly proportionate to series quality? On one hand we have the 300 episode series with too much filler whose animation and story quality drops as it drags on, and great series with only 12-14 episodes. On the other we have series with a low episode count that cut out too much from the source material and for which it seemed the studio didn’t really care, e.g. Yoakena, Mamotte!Lollipop. But the mean isn’t always the best either… at least when you look at Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure, which, if I recall, had 26 episodes. Seira in particular looked like one of those big-headed starving children from third world countries… So what’s the ideal episode count?
-Have you ever dropped a series just because of the horrid animation?

Questions inside.

Are traps the new tsundere, the new loli, the new bijin (bishoujo and bishounen), the new kawaii?Are anime producers and directors going over every fetish known, as well as scouring every source available (Source refers to manga, renai games, doujinshi’s, fangames, video games, etc.)? It’s kinda like the lolimania and tsudere fad you guys talked about in episode 2, the dojiko conversation in episode 3, and the “trapholic” episodes 13 and 15.Related to traps: How do you really “disarm” a trap? What method do you use (observation, comparison, investigation, etc.)?Another question regarding traps: What does it take to be a “trap”? Is it the clothes? The mannerism? Case in point is Jun Watarase from “Happiness!”.Last question: Am I correct to say that if, like the Solid State Society distribution issue, anime distributors in America license (or I should say pre-license) anime titles not yet aired in Japan, is it a bad business practice? Consider that they have imperfect (read: incomplete) knowledge of its popularity

Apologies for the double posts, but it seems that the blog does not recognize ordered list HTML tags. :-/

If Hinano was the tsundere she claims to be, she’d be all like “Urusai, urusai, urusai!!!” I call shenanigans.

What do you say to that, Hinano?!?!


@thegreencrayon: “is it weird for a chinese person to be fascinated by japanese culture more than their own culture?”

Nah, you’re just a weeaboo like the rest of us.

Whenever I stop at any store to buy a manga its like there’s always someone in the way of the book you want to get. When I try to reach for the book the guy or girl doesn’t even move and sometimes I don’t know if they’re so involved in reading they don’t see me but at times I get the feeling they’re doing it on purpose.

First time listener, first time commenter. Love the podcast!

What that site fails to mention is how often Japanese Mangaka researches Korean Manwha to glean some new materials and designs. Also what about the fact that many Japanese complain about the fact that Anime producers usually use Korean subcontractors over Japanese studios? That leads to this weird question: If Toyota designs, makes and sells trucks within Texas, is that truck Japanese export or US product? Similar thing frequently happens with Anime.

lain was about searching for meaning in life, imo. i finished it, and i’d give it a 7/10. not bad. haibane renmei is on my anime-i-dropped-years-ago-but-still-intend-to-finish list.

Yeah, add me to the list of people that not only finished Lain, but liked it.

Is it Lain specifically that you guys hate, or just the whole mindfuck subgenre? I know JP likes Eva, but Hung and Hinano seem to stick to the fluffy stuff…

Whenever the next episode is, I think you should talk about the whole “is anime getting worse?” thing.

Ok, I’m a newb at this, so here’s my questions:

1) Have any of you ever seen or read Magic Knight Rayearth? (just for personal refference) If Both, which was better, season 1 wise–manga or anime? Series 2 manga pwnd the anime, so that doesnt matter much anyway.

2) Im partially in charge of my school’s anime club. What would you suggest we do, beyond watching Anime?

3) Who is your favourite non-soundtrack/japanese related band?

and 4, the number of death) If you could cosplay anyone or anything, regardless of sex, politics or hair color, regardless of expense of the costume, regardless of special powers, who (or what) would you cosplay?

Haruhi and Fate Stay night porno characters look stupid and fugly cos its on purpose!!although i nv watch it. but i manage to get a peek at the screen shots..

aww man!! Really!! You’re going to come back, right?? You save me from the jerks on my bus!!! TT~TT

Please come back soon~~~!!

Where’s the podcast?! I miss it! Everyweek I refreash this page only to be faced with disapointment. If it’s not coming back should I just take it out of my tabs of websites I never close?

woot “maybe” is the new “yes”!

Don’t disappoint me again!

I already face enough of it trying to buy a Wii…

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