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Anime Nano Podcast: One Time, At Band Festival…


So here’s what happened this week. Apparently, jpmeyer and Hinano’s schedules were mutually exclusive to mine. Today, jpmeyer is having some kind of birthday party. Yesterday, I was at a large marching band festival all day. Since we don’t have a podcast this week, Hinano did another 4koma. I think it’s cute. See you next week (maybe)!

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Hey, get your hands off my sister!

Okay, so a question… if you were to be stranded on an island for a year and could only bring one anime series (or ova or movie) with you, which would it be? (Of course, assume you’d have the means to watch it on the island.)

Secondly, if you took all the bad ass ninja/warrior/assassin/fighter characters from all the anime series and pitted them against each other in a ffa death match, who would win? Mecha pilots are allowed, but only without their mechas. 🙂

I’m not exactly sure how you’ve gone about getting guests in the past (emailed them, decided that you thought one particular blogger was cool or not), but I’d say just pick a blogger that you think might have an interesting take on a particular subject, and ask them if they’re available.

lol, that comic reminded me of the movie american pie band camp 😀

do you guys think they’ll release that naruto instant noodles to the states anytime soon? if they were, would you guys eat it?

Fools better answer my question this week(er whenever the next podcast may be) or I shall have to cry myself to sleep again… and no one wants thats…. Well maybe the mean bastards, but they don’t count!

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