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Anime Nano Podcast #12: Ensign Truong


Hey all, it’s finally time for another Anime Nano Podcast! This week, Hinano and jpmeyer give their reports on MangaNEXT. We take a look at the Podcast Poll results, and then tackle the new Fall anime! Oh yeah, we also answer all the mailbag questions that have been piling up over the weeks.

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Show Notes:
OP: Last Regrets by Ayana
ED: Kaze no Tadoritsuku Bashyo by Ayana

MangaNEXT happened last week and jpmeyer and Hinano were there!

Here’s a link to Hinano’s doujinshi advertisement.

Here’s the post about the difficulty of licensing Haruhi. Dunno how true it is though.

Drumline: an awesome movie.

Fact: (the manga of) Bleach came out in 2002, Busou Renkin came in 2003.

She’s not a normal girl (NSFW!).

Here’s a post on animesuki forums about moe-zokusei. And here’s jpmeyer’s list of moe elements.

One Piece Grand Battle is a horrible game.

jpmeyer’s jlist Emergency Exit shirt .

It’s the beginning driver’s mark at jlist!

Here’s jpmeyer’s nerdy anime bag.

jpmeyer wrote some Star Trek fanfiction (replace “Borg Queen” with “Ensign Truong”):

Borg Queen: Are you familiar with physical forms of pleasure?
Lieutenant Commander Data: If… you’re referring to sexuality, I’m fully functional. Programmed in multiple techniques.
Borg Queen: How long has it been since you’ve used them?
Lieutenant Commander Data: 8 years, 7 months, 16 days, 4 minutes 22…
Borg Queen: Far too long.

32 replies on “Anime Nano Podcast #12: Ensign Truong”

i’m scared to join the anime club in my school too. i heard they talk about naruto and bleach a lot soo… i dunno, i’m not very interested. and yeah, newtype is freaking expensive! back then in like 2003 it was under 10$ now its 14 with crappy centerfolds. megami has like 6 posters full of fanservice but i still buy it.. even though i cant read a word of japanese.

i’m in a band too! i play the alto sax =D

Question: my brother and i want to start a blog, but there are a lot of blogs about anime already. should we even make one? cuz like it’d be like any other blog and we’d get no readers.

Happy Lesson had a truckload of bunny girls in one episode. I barely noticed at the time…

>> Just letting you know, the DDL points to #11, not #12

Oops! I fixed it.

yay, glad you guys are back with another podcast! usually i listen on mondays at work– it’s one of the things that helps me get through mondays. last week was just awful not having a podcast to listen to.

You can’t win with Hinano. When the anime is “exactly the same as the manga,” that’s no good. When “half the stuff in the anime wasn’t in the manga,” that’s apparently not good either 😛

I’ve heard that Shonen Jump All-Stars was a pretty good game, but I guess the same rule applies for video games: 90 percent of em are crap 😛

Thundercats becomes a lot more like a watchable comedy if you assume Lionel’s sword is a metaphorical penis.

people in new york take the cross town buses all the time. at least i used to. it’s free after you get off a subway, so why not? unless you prefer to walk from one side of manhattan to the other.

i’m totally with jpmeyer on how pachelbel’s canon is crap. it was fine the first time i heard it, but not the 1000th time. i get a sick diarrheic feeling whenever i hear it in any anime. but hung’s follow-up comment was genius. “they’re playing canon in kanon! get it?!” haha, nice. 🙂

I think the podcast subscription link was messed up too…I get the podcasts through itunes and the file for 12 was 11, which by the way is hilarious cause in 11 Hinano says its ep 12….

Hmmm. That’s really weird. I can’t get itunes to see the right file. Sorry about that. I guess just download it manually…

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE bring in a new guest! I’d like to see how a new guest adds to the chemistry of you three. Give Hinano a girl rival. Or bring in a non-American again.

That was wonderful. And I agree that the Ouran-hater needs to be thrown out a window. You know, I will put that on the list of Suitable Punishments for Idiots right between “My brother needs to have his liver eroded” and “Anyone that dropped AIR in the beginning of the first episode needs to be tied down to watch the entire series, perhaps their soul can be redeemed”.

On to questions!

-What’s more annoying, chatspeaking idiots or people that write like they’re very educated but are still very obviously idiots?
-Small comic shops or big electronics stores: which has a better selection of anime-related goods? I find the former, at least where I’m from.
-Would starting up an SOS-dan chapter at your school go over well?

If a trap(or reverse trap) doesn’t hide the fact of his/her gender, does that makes him/her really a trap? because if you know what he/she is, the it isn’t really a ‘trap’, just like, too gay or a common transvestite

Yes, I agree with those who have requested that you bring back a guest. It really adds to the dynamics and helps draw out more interesting topics of conversation than just the set questions that you guys throw out there.

Guest might be amusing, I have to agree.

And Hinano, go right ahead. I won’t call you on copyright infringement. XD;

hm… good podcast, one thing though, i’ve always thought that Mary Sues’ were really girly and useless girls in anime… oh well.

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