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Anime Nano Podcast #18: Revenge of the Nano


The Anime Nano Podcast is finally off of hiatus! This week, we cover stuff like the Basugasubakuhatsu Karaoke Contest, recent licenses, SaiGAR, and the new Winter season anime! We also go through the piled up questions from the mailbag.

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Show Notes:

OP: Baragoku Otome by ALI PROJECT
ED: Happy Flight by Tomita Maho

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Hinano’s new blog home is with jpmeyer’s minaide, hazukashii! And here’s the link to her manga thing.

Here’s the link to the now over karaoke contest at Congrats to the winners!

The official Haruhi site (man, this is soooo old news).

Death Note License news thing.

Rozen Maiden License news thing.

Link to the SaiGAR results page.

Here’s Hinano’s link on how the Winter season sucks!

We once again used Moetron’s list to go through the Winter anime season.

Here’s a picture of the life sized Keroro bank that Hung wants.

Here’s the story about some woman dying from a Wii contest.

Here’s that Brock song that Hinano was singing.

This is the manga that’s soooo not getting into Canada.

Here’s the Wontaek Korean Japanese clash thingy.

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hungtruong, you say it’s hard to edit each podcast show!! I would have to agree on this one. I’ve been producing, writing, and airing my webcast shows since 1995, and I release each show once a month.

I find your show interesting and look forward to the next podcast show.

Just wanted to say that your podcast was an inspiration for my own, Anime Diet Radio, and that I included a brief tribute to you guys at the end of the most recent episode. Thanks, and I hope you guys come back soon!

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