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Anime Nano Podcast #3: Uses of Hot Girls

In the third and final installment of the Anime Nano Podcast trilogy, we answer a bunch of questions from the Anime Nano Mailbag, discuss Light Novel to Manga to Anime conversions, and debate the pros and cons of admitting to people that you watch anime.

This week, Hinano was on vacation, so your hosts are:

Crast from AnimeMyAss also visited towards the end of the podcast and brought a crazy echo with him. Sorry about the audio difficulties at the end of the podcast!

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions! We need some more for the next show, so keep em coming!

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Show Notes:
New Anime DVD Releases: A lot of complete box sets this week. From ADV, Cromartie High School Complete Collection and Excel Saga Complete Collection. From Geneon, Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Box Set, Hellsing Signature Series Box Set, and Jubei Chan 2 Box Set.

jpmeyer’s favorite new webpage: The Official Gunbuster Webpage! And an example of what gets jpmeyer pumped.

Hung’s review on Innocent Venus (mecha…).

Hung’s post about his favorite anime music artists.

4chan the board. Wikipedia’s entry on 4chan. Transcript of the infamous incest post.

Tsunderekko on Wikipedia, which may or may not include “sour patch kids.”

The bizarre Family Guy “Cinemanga,” and the OEL manga, DramaCon.

Wikipedia entry stating that in Japan, child porn wasn’t illegal until 1999!

jpmeyer’s post on what he’s watching this season.

25 replies on “Anime Nano Podcast #3: Uses of Hot Girls”

One thing you could discuss next week is with the upcomming Comiket 70 at the end of next week. Have you been to Japan? And if you have have you gone to a convention like Comiket or Wonder Festival? (I know I did, lol).

Also its good that you had a different guest for the podcast. It brings in a different opinion into the fray. Look forward to the next one.

OK ,OK, The one question to rule them all:

What is the best way to pick up fangirls?

Pick up meaning make your own, and/or whatever else just not lift above your head kind of pick up. 😛

I was actually talking to my brother about this [which is weird because he doesn’t really know that I am that much of an anime fan, and the only anime he has watched as far as I know have been on Toonami or adult swim.]

The best idea we could come up with was to cosplay Inuyasha really well at a con, though I really have no idea how well that would work though. [I mean, the stereotypical fangirl [other then the “fat yaoi fangirl”] is the Inuyasha fangirl, right?]

Speaking of burning passion, love, and justice, I vote that this podcast needs more unabashed fanboyism and debate. Not that I don’t enjoy what we’re getting already, but it’s definitely at it’s best when there’s a good bit of back and forth on a topic or jp is talking about how “[xxx] is AWESOME”

Some instances it can feel a bit like the Hung monologue show.

And for a question: What’s your limits on being a fanboy? Where do you draw the line and say “nuh-uh”?

I have a question and it has quite bugged me for a few days now and I’m eager to hear a discussion about it..

Why do ‘most’ mecha shows have a post war or post disaster theme setting in it?

I think that I wanna view mechas in a different light. I want variation. Not just tools for war and weapon of mass destruction. XD

Hung wins quote of the cast again: “Well I call out all my moves in real life. It’s just how I roll.”

All the mystique of DiGi’s northern accent has disappeared but it was cool to hear a Brit. Also, Hung should bleep out the word ‘like’ next week and see what happens.

…I miss Hinano’s voice. 😛
Kidding aside, I like the British flavor to the podcast crew. We should have more anime bloggers from outside the US join in as your guests, Hung. It’ll be a great impression to the rest of us folks, who can’t afford to record our own, but wish to hear what other people say. 🙂

Manga and anime both have their own pros and cons. I mentioned it (as a comment) in anime|otaku’s (old) anime blog, i.e. animation of a particular motion (sword techniques, fighting moves, etc.) is fluidly smooth in anime than manga. But hey, to each, his own.

I have yet to visit an anime store. The first impression I got when I saw one was like a “toy store”, because of the presence of figurines at the front of the store. They’re more abundant than the DVD’s and the mangas, I swear. Plus, I see a few patrons in stereotypical geek gear (for the post-teens) frequenting the said store. It gave me weird vibes. >_>

I never openly admit my obssession with anime. People, especially my female family members (dad just doesn’t seem to notice), give me weird stares whenever I decorate my PC with anime wallpapers, and sometimes catch me watching a particular episode on a particular series. So even though they comment (behind my back most of the time) that I was maybe watching porn, I never mind the comments.
“Anime porn”? What an oxymoron! :O
Porn has real people; anime has unreal people. That’s one simple aesthetic difference.

On to the “use of hot girls”, I used to like girls with a particular hair color, i.e. blue-haired characters (Shinobu from Love Hina) and some green-haired ones (Tsuruya from SHnY), but that’s never my criterion for watching anime. I look for something (sound, animation, casting, etc.) that will spark some interest in me, whether it be a satire, parody, or a genuinely unique and/or “interesting” adaptation.
Hot girls are a secondary criterion (hey I’m a guy). 😛

IANAL, so the issue of some fansubs dropping previously unlicensed (now licensed) anime goes over my head. One thing I can ask though is whether “respect to the creators” is involved whenever a series is dropped.
…maybe you can answer that for me. 🙂

Nice work with the podcasts.

A quick question that you may be able to throw some light on.

Why do so many of the characters in most anime have red or reddish hair? Seeing Japanese as far as I’m aware have a rather low occurrence of the phenotype in reality, why have such a high percentage of the anime characters have it? Is it fashionable, sexy, stylistic, etc?

Also what do you think about the move towards H264 encoded releases? Do you think it’s overall a good thing due to the improvement in image quality? Or do the significantly higher system requirements for playing the files out weigh the benefits, seeing it reduces the pool of people who able to watch the sub?

DiGiKerot, where in the UK are you from? When it was mentioned that you have an odd British accent I expected a manc or liverpudlian accent or something, but I’ve never heard your accent before!

I liked the slight change with the cast but you guys should keep a female in the podcast on a regular basis so that the female listeners can have a female/fangirl voice to relate to. ;D

“But I don’t go to real stores that often.” o_O; Eh? hikkikomori kashira?

Great podcast this week! ^^

I was wondering, do any of you attempt to introduce people to anime? I’m personally attempting to spread it around, and I’m succeeding. The only problem I have is when the parents come to complain that I’m spreading “poison” XD

The only thing I find annoying is that when you start spreading anime titles around, and introducing people, they find themselves attracted to Naruto or Bleach, or one of animes that have been “american-fied”.

I’m also wondering (just remembered), if you do introduce people to anime, what series do you usually get them started on? I guess Naruto, Bleach, or some popular series like Fruits Basket works (even if it is annoying when they start obsessing)

Love the podcast but I miss Hinano! She was the girls’ representative and, not that the all boy cast was bad or anything but she kind of balanced it out more. I liked how there was someone outside of the US as one of the guests because 1) accents are cool and 2) well, i guess it’s just because they’re cool. There was a weird background soundtrack going on near the end of the podcast but not sure if it was always there and I just realized it, but the sound quality was pretty good.
Okay, as to Andrew’s question about picking up fangirls, maybe you could answer how to best ask fanboys out? Do I have to cosplay in one of those lacy maid contraptions from Chobits assuming that I’m NOT a “fat yaoi fangirl” just to get their attention?
By the way, you mentioned Dramacon and the CosmoGirl manga series and I don’t know if you knew but it was drawn by the same person. I think her name is Svetlana Something or Other. I think my main complaint with American manga is that I’m so used to Japanese art that American manga art hurts my eyes.
Also, I’ve only been to one Anime Expo and when I got there, there were so many things going on that I had no idea where to go first. What would you say are the top three “must do” activities at an Expo?
Anyway, can’t wait for next week’s podcast!

get hinano to do a report on otakon when she’s back on the show (i’d say do a video podcast but that might be asking for too much:P) anyway, how do you guys feel about doujinshis, particularly the non-h ones where people come up with their own stories using popular characters

Can’t believe my last question was the main attraction of the show. Uses of hot girls. LoL!

Ok~ Several things to for you guys this time too.

Let’s start off with, what kind of anime girls attracts you? For the guys for course, and for the girls, what kind of guys attracts you? I just hope it ain’t loli. =X

Another one would be, how would you feel if someday, the place where you’re at is suddenly filled with animes. Yes! All the stuffs you can get and all. How would you go? For me, perhaps I’ll just go nuts and scream around before i beg for $ to get some stuffs.

What else? Oh yeah~ This is for jp, why does mecha attracts you anyway? I got friends saying people who loves mecha loves metallic boobs. =.=”

And this is something i see lately. I actually see anime merchandise being sold. oK~ That isn’t wrong. What’s wrong is the artwork isn’t by them? You see, I frequent alot and once I saw a calander with their artwork on it. Is that legal? I mean, they did the artwork and all and now they are selling it without their permission.

Also saw the 3rd episode of NHK and I was wondering. Who the hecks actually save pictures of tons and tons of anime girls and all. I kinna admit I used to do it for a short time, but it was for my GFX and wallpapering uses. =X

I’m actually more interested in why Hung DOESN’T like Mecha shows – what puts him off them, does he actually try watching them before deciding they are rubbish and what does Innocent Venus have which made him not think it was awful – Good animation? Good music? Good writing? Good uses of hot girls? Yeah, Hung and JP should have a discussion on mecha anime from opposing viewpoints.

Also, how much anime do you actually find genuinely funny?

Hmmm, I’m sure I actually had another question, but I can’t remember what it was…

Thanks for using Gakuen Heaven as the opening.
I feel the love 😉

To all those wondering… I WILL BE BACK!
Actually I was shopping for a new microphone/headset today (but I didn’t buy one because I need to go to staples so I can get 5% cashback from my credit card ;))

Leaving for Otakon tomorrow. Ja ne! ^-^

Haha, have you guys noticed that everytime Hung introduces jpmeyer’s blog, he says “Minaide! Hazukashí!” It cracks me up everytime =]

In the “what’s with 4chan” bit I think you could have mentioned that it was inspired by the japanese image board Futaba channel(, which itself was a spinoff of the text board Ni channel( That’s where the /b came from, it was the address of futaba’s random board. Another thing is the anonymous posting(also carried over from the japanese boards), which is what I think sets some people against it. The anonymity of means if someone gets pissed off at a post they have no identifiable target for their hate except for the message itself, so it turns into a general dislike of the forum.

On another note, could you guys try saying “like” a bit less? =3

Like, what are you talking about? We could like, stop saying like, but like, that would make the podcast like, 20 minutes!

In all seriousness, we’ll try working on it.

Well~ it can’t be helped I suppose.. Them saying like is like how we pause and say er… or hmm…

On a note, I got some nice infos from Dengeki G Magazine. Just saw the top 10 girls and OMG, Saber is top. LoL!

I was thinkin if you guys wanna discuss about next season’s anime such as Kanon, Negima?!, GIS: Solid State Society, Death Note, D Grey Man, _Summer and Ichigo Mashimaro OVA.

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