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Anime Nano Podcast #14: Asian All-Stars!


jpmeyer and Hinano were eloping or something today, so I enlisted the help of regular guests Os and Problematic to co-host this episode. In it, we talked about the licensing of Chevalier and Death Note, the quickness of new anime releases, and the Tsukihime translation. Kind of. We also tackle the mailbag questions from a new perspective.

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Show Notes:

Wikipedia’s entry on Seinen.

News release about ADV licensing Chevalier.

Anime News Service – A good… anime news service.

Dark Mirage’s post on the Tsukihime translation.

Hung noticed that the wait time from Japan to America for anime is getting shorter. Like Coyote Ragtime Show and Utawarerumono are already being released in January!

Here’s a thing about the censoring of Tenjou Tenge by CMX.

Also, after the podcast, we came to the conclusion that ADV is the worst manga publisher, since they abandon series really quickly (like Yotsuba&).

Broccoli Books is really down to earth and nice.

Sana Jisushi likes Mizuki Nana. We don’t know why that’s relevant, but yeah.

Here’s the J-pop site that Os writes for, jmignited.

Hand Maid Mai!


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Dear Os,



God, that was like the worse episode ever, and they’ve been pretty bad, lemme tell ya! Anyway, I have a question. You mentioned that everyone loves shoujo near the beginning of the show. Could you offer any sort of explanation as to why this is? I, myself, hate shoujo and feel quite alienated around CERTAIN circles due to its popularity…

Oh, also, it’s sorta misleading to say that The Black Mages do “covers” of FF songs. I mean, I guess technically they’re covers, but that’s Nobuo Uematso’s band, so he’d be covering his own music.

No I don’t! I actually don’t watch many of them. Shuffle! just happened to catch my attention because I liked the art, and it turns out the series was quality. I will agree that most eroge adaptations are absolute crap. I mean, look at Soul Link, and to a lesser extent, Fate/Stay Night.

I disagree that the episodes have been pretty bad. One or two weren’t that great but that’s to be expected. I haven’t listened to this one, but I’m looking forward to hearing an alternative version, though I hope the two new temporary guys have chemistry with Hung.

I actually want to talk about the last episode. It was great, but you made fun of animesuki. You basically compared it to one of those gamefaqs esque boards when it ISN’T like that. There are many insightful members there and intelligent discussion. PLUS it’s like, the only forum where there’s active discussion about current series.

We weren’t really making fun of animesuki as much as we were making fun of people on those forums who make the “Who’s the strongest anime character ever!” posts. And how quickly they get shot down by the admins.

Aww man I was hoping that that link would lead to somewhere where I could buy taiyaki…

What is the most embarrassing Anime related thing that has been on your computer screen when a roommate/parent/sibling has walked in (which you hopefully minimized)?

Also I would totally buy a Berlin Airlift shirt purely based on name awesomeness. (pretty much the only possible reason, as they aren’t a real band)

The Mizuki Nana thing? I believe it’s because Hinano said she didn’t like her last episode. XD;

Questions this week!
-Haruhi is the new Sakura which was the new Rei. Do you notice that more and more characters have the same names once at least two memorable characters with that name become popular? Or is it just that we notice it because they are?
-“The whole show should be like that episode!” Replace “like that episode” with “about that character” or “about that character falling on the ice” or whatever you choose. Is this phrase ever actually true? What would happen if the producers took it as an honest opinion? I assume not anything good.
-Spinoff OVAs and movies. Is it better practice to cut some characters out and devote more time to the story, or make sure to fit every character in so no one gets mad?

Good job, everyone. And to the people that said it sucked… *tosses large bricks of ice on them* There, made up a new punishment. I’ll fit that one next to the one for people that hated AIR.

i liked the episode 🙂

different guests makes the podcast more interesting to listen to

and quick question:

does it grind your gears that people call sasuke “sa-suu-kay”? does that make you angry? if it does, do you feel like punching them out? 😀

wait Os is 18?! since he’s applying to college.. he sounds like hes 20 or something. i think i’m going for anthropology but that’s in another 2 years to go before i think about it more.

magicmarkers is my other alias. does that sound more like a guy? i dunno.

are any of you going to buy the nintendo wii? the controllers are awesome. and disgaea is coming out for psp in japan! i sooo want it.

I can’t believe you guys (and girl) didn’t watch Cardcaptor Sakura. That was my big introduction into anime. You guys make me sad T^T

Yeah, CCS was like on WB11 and i watched it all the time. they called tomoyo ‘madison’. so i was brainwashed with that and when i first watched TSR i was like whotf is tomoyo?!

I watched Cardcaptors on tv. I didn’t even know of the existence of Cardcaptor Sakura until years later. I thought Cardcaptors was a great show and I would always make an effort to catch it whenever I could. CCS is one of the reasons I really started to get into this anime nonsense.

I hadn’t listened to the podcast in about a month so I guess it was okay with the guest hosts. I didn’t mind Problematic’s language as I hear similar utterances on campus, sometimes from my own mouth. Anyway, I’ve got 5 back episodes to listen through and maybe I’ll make back comments on them if I have time.

Question to whoever hosts next week:

Fanfiction: do you read any, write any, or just don’t care for it?
(I know, it’s kind of like the fanart question from this episode but whatever. I think it’s different enough.)

And I share Problematic’s apathy for the new Kanon, although I do admit the snow effects were pretty.

if you are interested i could buy taiyaki and mail it to you. not sure if the dogs would eat it up first though.

It’s Hand Maid MAY o_o; (not mai)

Hung whatdya say we do the podcast on Saturday night? I’ll be over JP’s house and that’ll guarantee that Sunday we won’t be too tired ala pigeons etc.

Man there were soo many questions that you guys just didn’t know, which I coulda answered, making me wish I actually podcasted with you 😉 oh well.

i liked this episode. there were lots of funny pronunciations that made me laugh, thanks to os i have a new jdrama to watch, and problematic saying “Le Chevalier,” c’etait tres sexhay. 😉

although i cringed when hung said he had never watched ccs. dude, that’s like a nba sportscaster saying he’s never heard of michael jordan. :p

question: do you guys consider yourselves “anime veterans,” or whatever term it is that denotes an experienced, authoratative voice that commands respect when discussing anime? how many years of anime watching is prerequesite for someone to call herself such? how many years have you guys been watching anime?

its not the number of years that counts. its the number of hours, type of shows that you watched and the actual titles of the anime that play a greater role. i know anime watchers who know next to nothing of pre 90s anime and other adults who know a great deal about those but nothing about current generation anime.

it would be more akin to asking a nba sportscaster who gary anderson is. anderson and jordan might both be sportsmen and extremely good ones, the very fact that they participate in different sports makes it such that a nba sportscaster might not have heard of or knew who anderson was.

i consider myself a fairly noob with just under 90 completed series and having watched around before around 170 anime series.(reason is i know people who have more than 300 400 anime titles.)

… I have a crazy idea that just might work in future podcasts. Have Problematic on, together with Hinano. So now you have someone who pronounces Japanese correctly and someone who pronounces French correctly. I think it’s a winning team. XP

[conversionattempt]Os, apply to Cal, you know you want to. [/conversionattempt]

Random question, what is your favorite stereotypical anime character laugh, ohohoho,? kekeke? fufufu?

Hinano JP podcast pidgeons? o_o

Umm for some reason the plus symbols in between each word in the last sentence were deleted… maybe WordPress thinks I am trying to concatenate things? It should have been “Hinano (plus) JP (plus) podcast (plus) pigeons? o_o”, but I guess WordPress just doesn’t like me…

andrew you obviously didn’t see the 4koma from a few weeks back about me and JP trying to sleep while horny pigeons were making love outside the window.

Hinano – “Man there were soo many questions that you guys just didn’t know, which I coulda answered, making me wish I actually podcasted with you 😉 oh well.”

Likewise, but I got a good laugh at Hung “stretching his anime knowledge” ^^;

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