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Anime Nano Podcast #11 – Kaopectate


Anime Nano Podcast #11 is up! In this one, we scrape for news. We talk about Gakuen Heaven, the upcoming MangaNEXT, and the newest Anime Nano POLL! We also answer questions about eating, swords, and Kyon X Itsuki.

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Show Notes:

OP: Taiyou no Kakera by Shiraishi Ryouko
ED: Rainbow by ROUND TABLE feat. Nino
Anime Nano Last FM Group!

jpmeyer and Hinano are both gonna be at MangaNEXT! Free glomps while supplies last!

Note: I guess Sexy Commando actually finished getting subbed…

Kaopectate on Wikipedia. It tastes good!

Soju: Not really great for watching anime.

Hinano’s fansub of Trouble Chocolate on Youtube. Probably for a limited time only…

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Yay nano podcast! Wasn’t expecting one since no one seemed to be on mirc lol…

Oh can we request for specific songs for OP or ED sometimes… or maybe we can have like a vote? Hmm also maybe like for the really long podcasts you guys can have like a song halfway as like a break (plus I wouldn’t mind hearing more songs XD)?

Please :3

What is it about most western anime fanart that makes it stand out on first glance as being not Japanese?

ahhh the podcast was so short!

okay question:
do any of you guys collect anime magazines like newtype,megami, etc?

Just out of curiosity, what are your opinions on yaoi anyway? It seems Hung and Jp get more exited about it than Hinano does when the topic comes up.

And also, otaku=japanophiles?

Will the podcast feature part Q&A and part randomness? And will this be the permanent setup starting next episode?

I want you guys to voice out your thoughts on this, because I got curious when I listened to this latest episode and the previous 2 (#10 and #9).

randomness is good

my question that doesn’t have to do with drugs/alcohol:

which side would in a fight, 100 ninjas vs 100 pirates?



You guys are great. Just do your thing, and I’ll always enjoy listening to it. Serious, random, Q&A, whatever. It feels like i’m sitting at a dinner table listening to you guys talk about anime, which is extremely entertaining.

Do you own a shirt that says stuff like: “Got Otaku?” or shet like that? Also, what do you think about people who do where stuff like that. I recently saw a girl at my local Cold Stone’s wearing one and also reading some english translation of Naruto manga. I almost cried, then I ordered a pint of ice cream and sat in my room and ate it alone depressed.

From the various people I’ve talked to about it, anime clubs in the U.S. have a lot of variety in the kinds of things they do (watch whole anime series, watch particular episodes, new stuff / old stuff, fansub stuff, make doujinshi, etc.). Are any of you in some kind of local / school anime club? What kinds of things does your club do, if so?

do you guys get upset when a long-running anime/manga that you’ve been following for while ends (like ouran recently) :'( ?

I dropped Ouran like a rock because it was a terrible show! Actually, whoa, here’s a question!

What the fuck is so great about that piece of shit Ouran High School Host Club? Why do so many people like it, when it’s essentially just a reverse harem for stupid little girls? πŸ˜€

Also… why is shoujo so popular in general… when most shoujo is just utter crap. Same goes with shounen shows that are over 100 mother fucking episodes. What’s so popular about that shit?

Actually, I probably would have been awake whilst you were recording this ^^;

Also, no episode preview this week? Darn, I was all ready to complain about you still using the Evangelion next-episode music. I’d have been all “Geez, STILL using that next episode music? Hurry up and get a new one!”.

As for a question for next week, its been discussed on the IRC channel previously that pretty much all anime, particularly TV anime, is from a purely critical standpoint actually pretty darn rubbish with the exception of a few directors like Miyazaki and Kon. Do you think we fans like anime in spite of its actual rubbishness, or because of it?

I’ll listen to this on the bus tomorrow morning. Keep being random because the more orderly podcasts make me sleepy. Anyways, I gotta question that I kept forgetting to ask for the last three weeks. Hopefully it’s answerable.

Who or what started the connection between Pocky and anime? And what do you guys think about it? I hate how people in school consider a love for Pocky a requirement for being an anime fan.

@williamsheero Because they ask their questions intellegently? πŸ˜€ (sorry I had to do that.)

@DiGiKerot Thats a good question, especially as there is really no correlation, maybe even a negitive correlation between something being good from a critical standpoint, and from an entertainment standpoint, (ever read Great expectations? XP) Though I suppose it depends on what you mean by a “critical standpoint” as obviosly from the criticlal standpoint of good writing, animation, acting, intellegent content etc. there are obviously many examples of “good” anime, the obvious recent example being Haruhi.

Anyway, two questions this week (the first having multiple parts),

First, what makes you read anime blogs? Do you religiously read certain blogs? do you scan AnimeNano/Blogsuki for posts with intersting (non episode summary) titles? Are there certain bloggers that you respect for than others, and if so why?

Second, would JP have won the hottest ANP podcaster poll by virtue of being the only guy if people had realized that Hung is actually a girl because he doesn’t like mecha?

Here’s a question:

What the hell is up with that water droplet animation that is in like a thousand different anime exactly the same? There’s a water surface, and a drop hits it and makes ripples and there’s this loud high-pitched echoing ploink sorta sound. Is that some kind of secret Japanimation metaphor?

I was pretty surprised he wrote that entry
I always thought he blogged because he wanted to discuss his favorite series….not because he wanted to “please the masses” or something.

Okay, I’ve got some!
-What are some series that you never thought would get licensed but did, and why did you think this?
-Fansub errors: how frustrating are they, especially when people continue to take them as truth? Then again, that may be just me that’s obsessed with orthodoxy…
-What’s worse, Mary Sues or yaoi fangirls, and which do you think kills the main love interest more? Tough to discern there.

Have a nice week!


– Hardsubs or softsubs?

– On a scale from Awesome to zOMG, how do you think Afro Samurai will rate?

– Why do canadians say everything like its a question?

since we all love and watch anime from japan…. my other question is:

is there any new cartoons you guys watch on american tv? like family guy and simpsons?

Hi, Been listening to podcast for awhile. You guys are great, and I enjoy listening to your opinions on anime, and life. But I really wish you guys went a bit longer than 45 mins. on a podcast. (maybe I am spoiled from listening to Anime Pulse Podcast) I hope you guys talk about some of the anime that got released recently in the fall (Kannon, that Band Anime!). Thanks alot.

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