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Anime Nano Podcast #10 – Big Sausage Pizza


After a week off, we bring you Anime Nano Podcast #10! In this episode, we discuss ADV’s new licenses. We also take a look at ADV’s, CPM’s and Bandai’s online anime download services. We discuss the new anime about Koizumi Junichiro and also pimp the Anime Nano Fanclub on Facebook! After answering mailbag questions, we kinda get off-topic. Oh well!

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Show Notes:

OP: LONELY IN GORGEOUS by Tommy February 6
ED: Fantasista Girl by The Indigo

ADV’s anime download service, ADV Universe.

CPM’s anime downloads at Google Video.

You can find some Bandai anime downloads at Amazon Unbox.

Info on the Koizumi Junichiro anime (in Japanese!).

Link to the Anime Nano Fanclub on Facebook!

Hinano had some kind of yaoi dream that resembled this game and blamed JP. (NSFW?) This one’s really not safe for work.

Press release from NIS America about Ar Tonelico. Main features include “Moé.”

A link to the Sony E3 video. I hope at least DiGiKerot gets that joke…

23 replies on “Anime Nano Podcast #10 – Big Sausage Pizza”

More facebook underlings = win.

Also, umm first post? I thought you guys hadn’t made it in time.

So, how much bandwidth do the podcast, your blogs, and Animenano use anyway?

Wow…Um…Spreadsheet? Lol, that cracked me up so much. So much depth…I was shaking my head the entire time.

Hinano played RO? Damn, RO was good times back in the day…

1 on Hinano’s comment.

From an analytical, interpretive, and structural perspective, Miyazaki’s movies are the epitome of Japanese animation.

From the perspective of a casual fan, Miyazaki’s movies are the epitome of NyQuil.

Kind of like a person that starts off watching Spielberg films, and ends up liking Shyamalan flicks. Miyazaki is the perfect introduction, but after being exposed to all the niche nooks the anime medium has to offer, some fans lose esteem for the same Miyazaki films that turned them on initially… in my case, due to personal taste.

ahh yess.. RO.. good times XD addictive enough to rip me away from anime for awhile.. i wonder if this has the same effect on hardcore fans.. or do they even bother playing online games @@

I’ll still watch a Miyazaki film and still marvel.

If you love a good story, then fie on you for not liking Miyazaki. I’m saying this from a storyteller’s standpoint.

you guys should like do an all-star episode and invite all the guests back.

to jp: i prolly watch my-hime 100 or so times too! cept i didnt calculate everything.

fuck the haters, you guys should keep talking as long as you like. anyways, have any of you guys been following the Saimoe Tournament 2006? i hear it’s fairly big in japan and will run till the end of october, basically you vote for who you think is the most moe character (link:


If you meet a casual fan, i.e. someone who has seen some of the more mainstream anime such as Naruto, do you try talk to them about fansubs/latest anime and suggest that they get into it?

Was my question easy to understand O_o

Ewww I hate Narutards =P

My question:
How do you feel about eating and watching anime at the same time? Sometimes you might miss subtitles or really minor words which will play a big role later because you are too busy eating.

That’s right. Haruka Kanata is the best Opening Song for Naruto… and I’m blaming you guys. For some reason I got a “came from” hit from today. Awkward.

lol, big sausage pizza was the most random comment…. i love it 😀

quick question:
did you guys ever smoked up and watched anime yet? or took some really messed up hallucinogen and then proceeded to watch anime before?

Q: Do you think Itsuki wants Kyon’s sweet hole? Also, why don’t you guys interview other bloggers?

With the Fall Anime Season Kicking into gear some suprising and very popular manga series have been turned into anime like D.Grey-Man and Death Note also alot of series getting a second season or a remake like Kanon,Black Lagoon Second Barrage, and MAR: Chapter of Cravea what series are you three looking forward to? Does the fall season seem to be the best of 2006? Or the worst? also Which manga (If you have read either manga) seems like it will be a better anime D.Grey-Man or DeathNote?

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