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Anime Nano Podcast #6 – Superfrat


Episode 6 of the Anime Nano Podcast is out and about!

We finally have our full regular cast back this week. Your hosts are:

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In this episode, we answer a lot of mailbag questions. We go over video games, the eternal battle of subs vs. dubs, France, and other random stuff. Afterwards we talk about “shonen ai” vs. “boy’s love” and what the difference is. We also discuss “superflat” and how it’s not just bad animation.

Show Notes:

OP – Honto no Kimochi by Kugimiya Rie
ED – Clover by marhy

Hinano’s Otome game, Love Drops.

The online shop where Hinano gets all her H-Games, now with yaoi/otome section!

The Sakura Taisen Musical, I think.

Also, the ERICA OHAYOU DANCE that jpmeyer forgot to sing. He’ll do it next time.

Weeaboo, from Urban Dictionary.

Parkour, from Wikipedia. A french movie trailer that gets jp pumped.

Real Ultimate Power, referenced in the France talk.

Os Tan stuff, Os-Tan on Wikipedia.

The PV for Kirarin Revolution, which is totally off-topic, by the way.

Wikipedia on Mecha Musume.

Where to buy Japanese import stuff:,, Hobby Link Japan.

The top ten sexually tilted lines in Star Wars (also way off topic).

Hinano’s online Pocky store, Japanese Snacks.

Hung’s only venture into anime figures.

Darkmirage’s post on the uber-awesome Bunny Haruhi Figure!

Hung’s review of Kemono Zume, the Wikipedia thing on Superflat.

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Listening now. ABe only did the character designs in Texhnolyze. The other big ABe show is NieA_7 (self-pimp), which is actually not that old (came out between Lain and Haibane).

Question: What anime, in your opinion, had the most fulfilling ending? (i.e. Cowboy Bebop’s was pretty good I think)

This amused me. Hm, question… Well, this poll just concluded on mine, so:

-What is the weirdest name of one of this season’s anime?

And I have to concur that Tsuyokiss is garbage. Nanoha, however, is still great.

Hinano, I think it’s because of that hiss from your mic. It’s still transmitting even though I can remove the noise with audacity, and so it’s using up bandwidth/making skype think that you’re talking. If you want, I’ll set up a Hinano new mic fund on or something, so you can get a new mic.

Oh, I remember another: What’s the most ridiculous rumour that’s running around lately?

Nice podcast. Is it just me, or does watching anime make japanese things like infinity times cooler? Also, if anyone else lives in toronto, does anyone know how much pocky is at T&T? Too lazy to check myself..

P.S – Nice job,you guys made me want to eat pocky, and its 12:32 over here where I live. -_-…

First, there is no need to paraphrase my comment/questions penis fuck.

1. What sort of “genres” (i.e. Mecha, Magical Girl, etc.) of anime do you tend to like the most? Sometimes I hear people complain that anime does not stay “true” or “loyal” to its genre; how important do you think that sort of loyalty is, or what does it even mean?

2. If you had a hissatsu, what would it be (please provide English translation if it’s not in English)?

Another question that just occurred to me: precisely how much more awesome would Melancholy have been if instead of an alien Yuki were a paper user.

hah, wow. how did SHnY get left out of the “must watch” anime list?

anyway, question. What do you guys think of “One man’s filler is another man’s character development?”

I want to say one thing first: Hinano fanboyism? XD


Before I became the anime affictionado that I am now, I was addicted to RPG’s, particularly those on the PS line of consoles. The novelty of each game was what drew me to purchasing them, despite the crying sounds of my wallet begging for a refund.

Wait. I still am, with my latest purchase as proof. Legendia anyone? 😉

Speaking of Snakes on a Plane, that movie was slated next to what me and the rest of my family watched last night, “American Dreamz” (a parody movie, as I see it). Scathing remarks were already thrown at my invitation to watch the movie itself, and from what I’ve read on the Internet before I saw that movie poster, the Snakes on a Plane poster, I foresee a doom in theater sales the moment it was scheduled to be shown. Apparently some of my older cousins and have spread the news to my aunts, which would result in the boo’s towards the “movie”. So my enthusiam could die at any moment. 🙁

Much random topics I’m hearing from you guys, and by the looks of it, you guys know your stuff. I was holding off my laughter while my fellow housemates would look odd at me. It was that contagious. 😛

I know this is random, off-topic, and non-anime related, but I had to ask it. Care to draw any comparisons between animated and non-animated horror movies/shows? The first time I played the PS2 video game Echo Night, it scared the shit out of me. Anytime I bravely (though horribly) attempt to pick up the game again, shivers run down my skin. The OVA Le Portrait De Petite Cosette, on the other hand, gave me a different kind of chill. No, it wasn’t the visuals and animation technique, but it was the theme of crossing through the path to hell that got to me. In terms of seeing it again, however, I was eager to do so, compared to Echo Night.

Call me pathetic if you will. OTL

It’s your choice to asnwer this question or not, but I had to let this one out.

Do you read doujinshi? Do you stick to books based on certain anime or games? Do you have any favourite circles?

As an ex-fansubber, what’s Hinano’s take on softsubs vs hardsubs? Specifically the counterarguments of fansubber ego vs scripts being “stolen”.

Hmm, I’m going to have to use the word weeaboo sometime in my life. Is there a best animation studio out there? What are your favorites?

zomg that was a lot of recommendations O_O anyhoo, my question is do you listen to any other podcasts yourselves, anime-orientatied or otherwise?

That was a rather shitload of crap. All I heard was jpneyer slamming all the good stuff out there. Sucker. Your punishment for your stupidity is to go rewatch Gundam SEED Destiny 20 times.

1. jpmeyer you should have done the voice acting for that Metal Wolf game.

2. What do you guys think of characters in anime speaking in “english”, such as in one of the episodes of Shakugan no Shana when she’s teaching the teacher her “english” powers or in Negima when he’s teaching. Why put the voice actors through the torture of having to speak in english?

3. What is the mystery behind all seiyuu being able to sing well?

4. Do you guys listen to the podcast once it’s been put on the website?

5. Does jpmeyer speak any french at all?

6. Worst anime you have watched all the way through to the end?

I don’t have any questions but I do have comments.

There needs to be more news or blogosphere-meme stuff because most of the episode was mailbag questions.

Listing off “must watch” anime went on for too long. Although I will say that from the list, I liked Aishiteruze Baby, Mahoraba and Zettai Shonen (my favorite “no-one’s-heard-of-it” title).

German people make the best fandubs, maybe because of some inner dedication of precision they’re born with.

The search for Pocky online was probably the funniest part although JP’s “the character designs made me vomit on my keyboard” line did make me laugh, too.

what are your favorite anime OSTs or songs from them? im currently listening to Shiki no Uta from Samurai Champloo and Brand New Reason by Fleet from Innocent Venus.

Here’s a question I’d like to hear you guys discuss.

What’s the most meaningful anime you’ve ever watched and why? Meaningful in the sense that the anime has either shaped your world view, redefined your goals in life, or contributed significantly to your outlook on life and your purpose(s) in it. Or do you simply watch anime for “meaningless” entertainment (not that that’s a bad thing).

That is probably true but now that I think about it it’s exactly the same as everywhere else. Most american actors can sing pretty well, and most anime fanboys as you put it, don’t know japanese so it might have something to do with the language barrier, same reason people who don’t know japanese can’t tell if the acting is crap.

Sorry, but what was the bittorrent client that Hinano and Hung mentioned? The one where you have to enter japanese? Thanks.

Stainless: Those P2P programs would be Share and Winny, and I believe they are not bt clients

Yay! I love your podcasts. Jp, you rule because France rocks. I was just there last month and the Loire Valley is gorgeous. But the people in Paris HATE tourists, or maybe just the ones I met. It’s funny hearing Hung pronounce my name hiragana style but it’s actually Re-gine rhymes with green.
Alright, who would be your first anime crush? And do any of you collect different versions of the same anime? Otaku fanatic wise, how do you know you go beyond the point of no return?
Thanks in advance!

Well as to the actor and singing thing, acting and even more so voice acting requires a good voice [ duh 😛 ] meaning many actors and I would think essentially all voice actors have taken voice lessons which combined with the fact that they obviously have good voices to begin with means that they will almost always sing much much better than most people. I would have to agree though that in my [limited] experience, voice actor sung OPs and EDs are rarely as good as the ones sung by actual singers.

As to the hirigana pronunciation thing, I am pretty sure that “calaggie” is actually cal aggie as in a UC Davis aggie, though I guess youwould have to as calaggie to verify this. Cal normallay refers to UC berkeley though so I couldbe wrong, [though I am not suggesting that calaggie goes to cal simply that it is slightly strange for the cal to be attached to something other than Berkeley, though I do not go to UCD so I dont know.] Hopefuly that all made sense.

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