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Anime Nano Podcast #4: Ultra Ray Romano!


Hey everybody, it’s episode 4 of the Anime Nano Podcast!

Hinano is still on vacation, so your hosts are:

This one was kinda late, so we made it extra long just for you! In this episode, we spent a really long time answering questions from the mailbag. Afterwards, we went over the unlicensing of Haruhi Suzumiya, the un-second seasoning of Haruhi Suzumiya, the actual licensing of Utawarerumono, the Japan yaoi reality tour, and the ecchiness of the Zero no Tsukaima light novels.

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We really utilized the questions a lot, so please keep ’em coming! They’re quickly becoming the lifeblood of our podcast!

Also, please review our podcast at iTunes music store. They’ll be helpful to get more people to listen. Maybe.

Show Notes:

Podcast OP: First Kiss
Podcast ED: Kono Namida ga Arukara Tsugi no Ippo to Naru

Windows 2k-tan hot cosplay!

Kigurumi weirdness on wikipedia

News item on Media Factory requesting that fansubbers stop releasing their shows.

News article on Sony Pictures licensing Blood+.

Tsuruya 4koma “doujinshi.”

jpmeyer’s post about Gundam Seed Destiny being the best anime ever.

DiGiKerot’s post about how anime isn’t funny.

Wikipedia post about Rakugo.

DiGiKerot’s down to earth post about how Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu didn’t really get licensed.

Kurogane’s post about Suzumiya Haruhi season 2! And Heisei Democracy‘s anti season 2 post. orz.

ULTRA RAY ROMANO! Wikipedia entry on furries.

Pop Japan Travel’s homepage. The yaoi tour hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Yaoi-con’s webpage.

Zero no Tsukaima light novel summaries. NSFW?

31 replies on “Anime Nano Podcast #4: Ultra Ray Romano!”

o.0~ LoL! The opening of First Kiss, nice. Gotta agree with the “like” habit. Its good. It’s better than you guys going erm… and hmmm… and such. I’ll just comment on the sqeuence of the talk as you guys go on.

I suppose I’m a fanboy, after I spend a bomb for the past few days such as figurines and such. =X As for friends that like animes, there are quite a lot actually. Some are in Anime Nano actually.

H264s are usually in mkv format ya? I don’t really like it cause avi formats are good in a way that you can burn it into a DVD and play it in a DVD players that supports them. Not too sure about the mkv format.

LOL! What’s with the ending! LoL! JP sounded a lil kiddy there.

Just wondering what’s a NEET and are they alot of them in Japan? I mean~ how are they even being supported?

That was great, probably the funniest one so far.

Out of curiousity, was the next episode preview a parody of anything in particular or was it just parodying episode previews in gernal?

I was about to go to sleep when I found that the #4 was out, so this kept me up for an extra HOUR!!! Yeah, I usually get to sleep at 10 in the morning.

Anyway, great one. That burp in the middle was freak’n hilarious.

Problematic….damn, you could make a sailor blush with that mouth of yours.

bjorn – I know you werent talking to me and its none of my business, but meh. NEET is originally from the UK, and it stands for “Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training”.

As for the podcast, i never really sat thru one before (not one of YOURS, but one in general by anyone) so this was the first time i listened thru the entirety of one. So I think you guys are doing great. The podcast is well done, amusing, and its interesting to hear other peoples views on stuff like this.

If anything, it reminded me of the commentary on the Eva movies, if youve watched them it should atleast make a little sense.

While I missed Hinano again (awesome cosplay!), Problematic was a great addition. I also like the very smooth pickup after the belch. Also, enjoyed the show notes.

Canadians sure swear a lot! Also loved the sweet uncomfortable pause as Hung and jpmeyer discuss Hello Kitty… personal massagers. Props for the “just everyone else hates Americans” comment hahaha!

Let’s just call it a cock!

I feel strange and out-of-place commenting because I don’t run an anime blog. Pardon the random intrusion.

XD @ the “next episode” preview. By the way, why does everyone think Canada thinks anime is porn, and all? How did this start? Have I missed something? I wouldn’t know because I live in an area with a huge concentration of Asians and they all watch anime, albeit only your usual “mainstream” shows. So, why?

Utawareru means to “be admired”
われる 【うたわれる】 (v1,vi) to be admired; to be stipulated; to be clearly expressed

I’m not sure if it’s referring to the singing ^^;

and I’m totally going to that popJapan tour 😛 But not the yaoi one xD i wanna go to the one where they go to like the comic festa or whatever lol.

So as an extension of the how to pick op fangirls question, [not really] what makes those charachters and series that have legions of fanboys/girls different?

Mas preguntas para ustedes:

Also are any of you gamers of any sort? What are your opinions of anime based games and game based anime, ero games and otherwise. Games typically losely associated with anime fans [Final Fantasy comes to mind], and Tales of Symphonia, [a favorite of mine].

I for one am pumped for Command and Conquer 3, you could say that I am currently awaiting it with hard work and guts.

I also feel kind of strange posting here as a non-blogger. But I shall post nonetheless, heh, tell me if I am asking too many questions.

What do you think of the various genres of anime [other than mecha]

JPMeyer, why do you like France so much?

Also in the style of “Whats the deal with lolicon/4-chan?” Whats the deal with OS-tan?

Also all of you seem to be students of Japanese, as are a lot of Anime fans, do you have any advice for non-japanese speakers for learning Japanese, surviving without speaking Japaneseand… umm Japanning out, yeah.

Wow, I just realized I asked a lot of questions, you don’t really have to answer all of them, it might take an entire podcast :P.

I’m not an anime blogger, and I don’t feel weird about posting. TAKE THAT.

If you guys didn’t read the feedback about all the “likes” I probably wouldn’t have noticed. But now that you mention it, i can’t stop hearing it. It’s too much. Thanks for ruining the listening experience for me, guys.

But how could you talk about funny anime and not mention Magikano? Best harem anime ever, IMO.

Now for my question: What do you guys consider to be moé? Do you like tsunderekkos? Glasses-girls? Traps? Does Hinano like gay twincest like the girls from Ouran? To take the question a bit further… have you ever found yourself hooked on a series because you’ve been effectively “smitten” by one of these characters?

I’d like to point out that this podcast isn’t meant for just anime bloggers. It should be for anyone who’s into the latest anime fansubs, etc. So don’t feel weird posting here if you don’t have a blog; everyone’s welcome!

TL Chan, it was just sort of a parody of generic next episode previews those tsuruya 4koma that I so dearly love.

Hinano, thanks for outsmarting us yet again. I just assumed it was the potential form of utau…

Hilarious podcast, complete with belching, Hello Kiyy vibrators, and yaoi tours. This should’ve been the ep where the Gakuen Heaven OP is used. ;p

Oh, I love Problematic’s quick responses. Hee.

BTW, what’s up with the heavy breathing? Although, I can’t figure out who’s the culprit. It was a little distracting.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to Hinano’s return next week.

In one of the episodes you touched on fanservice a bit. What is considered fanservice that does in fact appeal to females? Is it not as much about the visuals as the scenarios or dialogue?

Hey, JP, nice burp!

I’d probably need to upgrade my RAM to run H.264 stuff smoothly so I usually download AVIs although I’m starting to watch more MKV subs. Personally, I like VLC better than Windows Media Player and even use it for taking screenshots. Unfortunately, there’s no “snapshot” shortcut key…yet.

OK, so here’s my question: What are your feelings on store-exclusive DVD extras? I ask this because Funimation reported at Otakon that if you buy the FMA movie at Best Buy, you will get a bonus 30-minute documentary. Waldenbooks’s version will have a special lenticular cover, but no other store but Best Buy will have the documentary.

Seemed a little long near the end but overall still a good episode. Keep the fake previews coming!

Yeah!! Finally someone from Canada ^^; good podcast. Problematic, looking forward to your new podcast. ^_^

Fun podcast. Canada was a little inconsistant (which may have come out of nervousness due to the huge stage this is) but she did not fail! In fact i think she gave the podcast some spine since Hung and JP always play it nice (or should we say “diplomatically”). So we got Spine.. but now we need to move on to Balls.

Oh and talking swears words is cool. All the kids do it.

Question: Let’s pretend you’re a fan of Naruto, Bleach, or some other long running series. Now that they’re licenced do you stop watching, or do they get a moral exception?

awesome, hopefully the podcasts in the future will be around an hour long too mmh? anyway my question is do you check out games based on an anime you watch? like there’s a bunch of naruto games, and a azumanga daioh beat-em up (beating up everyone as chiyo-chan ftw!) or even the otherway around when an anime is based off a game, like disgaea, do you check out the source? great show, keep it up!

Question: Do you think anime generally portrays women in less ’empowered’ roles than other kinds of media fiction? If yes, then do you think this relates to Japanese society on a wider scale, or just perverted otaku wish-fulfillment?

Hung >> You mean passive form. Potential form goes ‘e’

Hinano >> I’m not some Japanese 1337 pro but I think why they left it hiragana-ed is to allow puns. So sing or admired both work. I think.

Oh, I guess I conjugated it wrong. So ‘u” verbs go to ‘eru’ and ‘ru’ verbs to ‘rareru.’

I’m just kind of happy I remember what potential even means after the Summer break!

Also what do you guys do/where are you from? I suppose we do know that Hung is from New Mexico, land of desert/horses, and that Jpmeyer is a grad student, but thats it as of yet.

As for the “why are there so many post-apocalyptic settings in anime” question…There was this little thing called World War II not too long ago. It sort of effected some people in Japan. Like, I don’t know, a few generations of people.

Seriously though, I highly recommend reading “Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture” by Takashi Murakami. It talks a LOT about anime and otaku culture, moe, the first anime con and the entire history of modern Japanese art culture. I found it totally fascinating. Plus there are tons of wonderful pictures of work from all of the artists talked about in the book. If you are an anime or manga fan at all, you’ll do yourself a huge favor by reading it, and you’ll understand Japanese visual culture on a much deeper level than “because it’s cool.”

Here’s a link to the B&N listing:

what codec are you guys using to watch h.264 mkvs? I find the CoreAVC video decoder to works the best. I can run 720p h.264 trailers from at full speed on my aging 1.8GHz Althon XP-m laptop. 1080p trailers almost run at full speed, maybe if my processor was 2.0GHz it’d work. I found that about 700MHz was the lowest speed I could set my CPU in order to smoothly run a non-HD anime mkv encode. Although I only needed 530MHz for Divx/Xvid AVIs.

h.264 is really just a more advanced version of MPEG4 (same codec that Divx and Xvid are based off of). The codecs will become more and more optimized over time like what happened with Divx and Xvid.

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