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Anime Nano Podcast #2: Kusomiso no Jutsu

What the? It’s another Anime Nano Podcast! That’s right, we’re here to stay! Once again, your hosts are:

In this episode, we discuss comic-con licenses, what’s up with lolicon, kusomiso technique, raw anime watching techniques, and tsunderes through time!

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Please keep the comments and suggestions coming. And don’t forget to send your questions to us. Maybe if you’re lucky, we’ll answer them on air!

Show Notes

The entire list of DVD releases can be found at AnimeonDVD. Recommended releases were Castle of Cagliostro and Ninja Nonsense (NinXNin Shinobuden).

Here’s the list of licened manga at Comic-con from

Regarding Hinano’s question about lolicon, Kyou no Go no Ni Fanservice. Also, the wikipedia entry for lolicon.

Hung’s post about trying to figure out raw anime vocab. Also, the dictionary that Hung uses, Rikai-chan, Hinano’s kanji for song lyrics,

Jpmeyer’s crazy Kusomiso Technique manga(NSFW!). Yaranaika at YTMND, Live action Yaranaika.

Tsundere entry at

32 replies on “Anime Nano Podcast #2: Kusomiso no Jutsu”

seriously… love the american-y accent and pronunciations
it never fails to crack me up (lol)
although i dont think that was the real intention(?)
nevertheless its the main reason i listen to this podcast
like, it just blew my mind to hear you guys (and girl) say “yuri”

request: sit with your back facing us, turn your head around and say “daisuki”…

so yeah… great job and keep up the great american-y!!

Hinano needs to buy a better mike or, more likely, cut some of her bandwidth consumption whilst podcasting, as her voice was seriously fazed at times and hard to hear.

In regards to the X not being pronounced, this isn’t always the case. Whilst it is true for Gun Sword (and I assume xxxHolic – I always wondered how to pronounce that ^^;), I’ve seen things like (the game) NamcoXCapcom, where the cover states in katakana that its pronounced Namco CROSS Capcom.

Anyway, good job! It came across a lot more comfortable than last weeks, and will no doubt improve in future weeks.

Not a bad podcast; you’ve got great chemistry and the show flows really well.

A couple of tips: try to break up your segments using audio bumpers, this’ll make the transition from one segment to another easier for the listener.

You might want to give a listen; they’ve got the best podcast format I’ve seen.

While I was listening to this, I laughed and hit my head on a stack of blank DVDs. Anyway, you guys sound much more relaxed compared to last time. I can’t wait for the next one.

To answer the question about the x’s, “xxx” is the Japanese (and maybe also Chinese) equivalent of “___”. It’s a “variable” that you can replace with anything, like a blank to fill in. That’s why it’s not pronounced. In the case of xxxHOLiC, it’s basically “(fill in the blank with whatever you’re addicted to)HOLiC”. Yuuko deals with people who are addicted to various things (lying, Internet, etc.), hence the title.

I enjoyed it, but the microphone volume was a bit uneven with the three speakers.

I feel like my life is in flux now that I’ve learned that the X is usually not pronounced! And Hung is “Hang”… Now it’s like up is down and black is white.

The girl fanservice information was really really interesting, lol! As was the information about fat yaoi fangirls, since I have not been to a con ever. I especially liked how Hinano insists that they do exist, like the hosts were talking about Bigfoot or something.

Uh… not to sound like a perfectionist, but isn’t Manga Jouhou, the one you guys referred to on the topic of recent manga licenses, not a dot com site?

Anyway, as a few of the bloggers above commented, Hinano’s voice in this podcast was almost non-existent. I had to raise the volume of my PC speakers a bit higher to hear her voice and (lovely) pronunciation.

About the xxxHolic topic, thanks for the idea! Now I have learned another anime/manga vocabulary, coutesy of Anime Nano Podcast. 🙂

@DiGiKerot, maybe it’s a game thing? in Guilty Gear X, the X gets said too

Great show, only complaint is the seemingly random volume each of the hosts have. I was just wondering how realistic is the spoken japanese in anime? i only ever watch anime and only seen 1 movie (Casshern), do people in japan talk like people do in anime? i want start learning japanese but don’t wanna risk sounding like some whiney or hyperactive little kid >

Is it me or i cant see my own comments. Anyway… Just a things that I wonder…

What are really the main attracting point that attracts people? Animation? Sounds? Quality? Uses of hot girls? What’s your opinion or what attracts you?

Since i started also with some people to fansub a Anime, i got respect for fansubbers it take alot of free time and patience, so my question for you hosts. When you watch a sub are you watching it from one and the same Fansub group or do you pick some random subbing groups. But to react about a comment what Hung (i think) made in the first PodCast about parents in Anime, i have seen some anime where some parents were playing a fair (at least they are there) role in the show random. Just like in Magical Lyrical Nanoha, Shuffle! etc. But it is true that parents are not playing a very big role in it. About that x-stuff i was shocked at first but then it sounds like with Fate/Stay night with that slash thing. And some Mecha shows are good.

Okay, here’s a money podcast feature, and I’m giving it away for free.

You’ve got three hosts at any given time. Two of them (lets say Hung and JP) decide on a subject that they both differ strongly on (or can at least get into the mindframe of), such as “Mecha sux0rs”/”Mecha is awesome,” and then they both run do a short little speil, with a bit of point-counterpoint rebuttal.. and at the end the third person (eg. Hinano) makes a ruling on which argument wins.

Simple, interesting, likely quite funny, and original’ish.

In short: the host’s win, the podcast wins, and most important of all; I win because I become famous by association.

(the listeners probably get something out of it too)

Hmm, I tried bumping hinano’s vocal up, but maybe I missed a few parts. Hinano said she was gonna try to get a new mic anyway. Maybe we can get a collection thing going and donate one for her! That’d be pretty funny.

Crayotic: You’re assuming that I want to try and debate against jpmeyer. I have no chance against that guy! He’d just whip out his film theory crap (though I used to be a media arts major myself, but I’ve forgotten a lot) and run circles around me. I’d probably start trying to prove that P = NP just to get out on top. I hope some of you find that last joke to be amusing.

Please keep the comments and questions coming! We need just as many as the last podcast, or else… we’ll be sad.

Oh, P.S. I find the audio segment transitions pretty smooth, myself. I could have bee fooled that it was all recorded in one take if I didn’t know better (I do listen at a pretty low volume though so any editing snafus I may not hear).

I dunno if I’d feel audio bumpers necessarily (since I like the flow as it is), but they probably wouldn’t be too bad a thing as long as there’s not an overabundance of them.

(actually, you could probably do some nifty things with them come to think of it.. like little mini skits (rip off anime scenes or get some #animenano people to write up stuff) or whatever instead of just musical cues.. course it’s all a little time consuming and complicated when you’re still figuring out the format of the show.)

Hey, thx for the podcast. I just want to weigh in on the pronunciation thing. “anime” “manga” “moe” etc should all be said their english way. Saying mo-eh sounds stilted and otaku-poserish. They’re loan words so we get to butcher them as much as the Japanese butcher english loan words. Moe rhymes with toe or Chloe.

If people start saying [such and such] is so “mow” I’m going to start breaking things.

and can Moe really be considered a loan word? Anime and Manga, sure. And pronouncing them cheaply makes it easier for Joe Sixpack to understand.. but are we really going out there and using “Moe” with average person in the workplace? I sure as hell hope not.

And a question i’d like answered for next podcast: What is the deal with 4chan? I see a lot of hate for it, but I’ve never been able to tell why (not that i’ve been able to navigate their hideous webpage mind). I don’t need a muck raking.. just a little clarification 🙂

I was under the impression that “moe” was from “moeru” which meant burning or something. Either way, I think we all pronounce moe as the Japanese do (or at least, closer than “mow”).

hungtruong >> “I’d probably start trying to prove that P = NP just to get out on top.”

Computer Science theory reference…F T W!!! yeah! BTW, if you manage to prove that, send me the notes.

Good show.

You really should do a discussion of stock anime charachter types, maybe disscusing what the character type is, some examples, whether they have a positive or negitive effect on the shows that they are in, why they are in so many shows etc. it might even be worth it to make it some kind of series, ending with some kind of stock character omnibus or something. Actually I would say [for arguments sake] the probably highest concentration of stock charcters [that actually get enough character development to be considered real characters] would have to be Mahou Sensei Negima, I mean thay have a ninja, creepy twins, cosplay/internet fantic girl, robot, vampire etc. etc. pretty much the only thing they don’t have is an [awkwardly?] tall girl being fawned over by umm a whatever kaorin is a la Sakaki in Azumanga Diaoh or [the appropritely named?] yuri from Magikano. [Though I guess there is some potential yuri between Konoka and Setsuna, but I digress] I suppose is this sort of shows that harem animes are very reliant on stock charachters, though I dont know if this is bad thing or not, I guess it really depends on the anime. You could talk about that too.

Also [random] why are characters with white hair [for a reason other that being old] seemingly always evil?

Also, Jpmeyer, did you have anything to do with sourpatch kids mascot being listed as tsundere on wikipedia?

Wow, thank you for another amazing episode. I really appreciate the collective intelligence that each memeber brings to the podcast. Makes it very worth listening to, and I’ve learned a thing two from it.

As far as suggestions go:

-A day in the life of an anime blogger: A sneak peak behind the scenes of your guys’ blogs and the experiences (both good and bad) you’ve had running them.

-Mainstream vs. Sleeper: I’m more of a fan of the sleeper titles, but I was wondering if you guys could discuss the appeals of the two, as it appears there are fans of both in the group.

-American Manga: Any that you like? How does it affect the overall anime/manga scene? Does it need the ‘American’ moniker?

Even though i siad that i made it through it and will probably go listen to #1 and eagerly await new podcasts 😀

Talking about dictionaries i would definatly suggest to give the program Wakan a spin, if your on the computer its significantly faster than webbased or bookbased dictionaries. Its a fairly flushed out program and was a pain to discover, which is a shame considering its a fairly good freeware japanese language learning program/reference.

Main features

Character list
Dictionary (has example sentances also)
Editor Translator (does approperate furigana and defs of words for pasted/typed text)
Falshcards (there are some precreated sets on their site and you can make your own)

Oh, ya, and it does this for the chinese language as well


You guys were also talking about firefox extentions, what was the first extention you guys mentioned (i think it was Jpmeyer)? It sounded like mogi but i couldnt seem to find much on it.

Continueing on with japanese :), I was looking on the web for places to take the JLTP near me and I heard that the JLPT is given in San Fransico Sate University. I cant seem to find much more information than this, and nothing even close to a method ot sign up for it. Does the JLPT have a centeralized place that i missed that i could pester them with my questions? Or do you think my best bet is calling up SF state and playing phone tag with them?

btw i didn’t up that, just saw it while looking for subbed version of the new welcome to the nhk ep

Brilliant podcast. You three *must* keep doing it, it’s early days but it’s one of the few podcasts which I can listen to without getting bored after the first few minutes. I was upset when it hit the 37 minute mark, I didn’t want it to end.

– Hearing “tsuntsun” and “deredere” said over and over again was a bit odd, to be honest. It seemed like it was said for the hell of it. Also, don’t worry about making EVERYTHING sound perfectly Japanese.

– At several points in the show, certain topics weren’t made really clear, and confusion would occur. Sometimes the same comment would be repeated over and over again. An example of this was the part where Hung was talking about watching anime raws.

– I like it how your show leans towards the raw/fansubbing circles as opposed to licensed releases. It’s nice to hear mention of shows such as Mushishi and Kyou No Go No Ni, instead of Ranma, NGE, Fruits Basket, etc. for once. Please keep it that way

– Have a “Top 5 xxx(=P)” segment every week. Like, Top 5 tsunderes characters, or Worst 5 Shounen Romances, or Top 5 Engrish Opening songs

Here are more topics, I won’t really expand that much, but:

*Ero-Games/Visual Novels

*4chan (which I personally find repetitive and obnoxious, but….)

*Sites of interest. Animesuki is the only conventional forum I know of which is up to date with fansub discussion, if you know what I mean.

*Anime blogging.

*Keep a regular panel of Hung, Hinano and Jpmeyer, and have an extra fourth guest which is different each episode.

*Only you lot have an idea as to which direction you want your show to go in, but I’d like a show full of anime discussion and debate as opposed to items like “japanese phrase of the week” (which certain other anime blogs have done)

Great podcast! I loved the first and I loved this one too. It’s nice hearing the actual proper way to say anime words because I honestly butcher these words. Okay, just a suggestion on a conversation topic…I may be behind topic but why did Tokyopop start publishing American manga. They should call it USpop or something but…yeah, any response to that?
I love how your podcast doesn’t have any set plan or anything and you talk about whatever it comes to mind so it’s like I’m just listening in on a conversation. Keep up the great work.

I felt a little strange to hear my questions read on a podcast but I think I’m over it by now. It seems that you already have many topic suggestions already and I don’t really have any of my own to offer right now so yeah…

you guys are awesome! jut one gripe— stop saying “like” all the time! it can sometimes get really annoying. otherwise, you guys are really entertaining. keep up the good work!

oh, one more thing– in your discussion about the love hina movies– it’s the spring (and christmas) specials, not the summer special.

and hung… you’re a lolicon, admit it. ^_~

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