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In episode 8 of the Anime Nano Podcast, we discuss the release of Hinano's Otaku Idol video, the brutal war between DarkMirage and Doremi Fansubs, The groupification of the Random Curiosity anime blog, and the process of publishing a doujinshi [retin a 0.05% cream in 20g tube $70.00] manga. We also talk about Tokyopop and their online "exclusive" manga.

Your hosts for this podcast are:

  • Hung from
  • jpmeyer from
  • Hinano from

Bittorrent link (help us save bandwidth!): Direct Download: [audio:http://podcast. animenano. com/podcasts/Anime_Nano_Podcast_008. mp3]

Show Notes:

OP - 'Aishitageru' by LOVERIN TAMBURIN ED - 'COYOTE' by Naoki and Rina with Power Sound & Sana

Hinano's . She sounds exactly like Hirano Aya!

The DarkMirage vs. retin a 0.05% cream in 20g tube $70.00 Doremi Fansubs + .

The introduction post for .

News article about Tokyopop .

, the anime about doujinshi.

Correction: School Rumble volumes , retin a 0.05% cream in 20g tube $70.00, and are out. is to be released on December 26th. Retin a 0.05% cream in 20g tube $70.00 go school rumble!

link to hinano's vibrator on .

by Hinano.

, popular among Japanese housewives.

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