So here’s what happened this week. Apparently, jpmeyer and Hinano’s schedules were mutually exclusive to mine. Today, jpmeyer is having some kind of birthday party. Yesterday, I was at a large marching band festival all day. Since we don’t have a podcast this week, Hinano did another 4koma. I think it’s cute. See you next week (maybe)!

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Hey all, it’s finally time for another Anime Nano Podcast! This week, Hinano and jpmeyer give their reports on MangaNEXT. We take a look at the Podcast Poll results, and then tackle the new Fall anime! Oh yeah, we also answer all the mailbag questions that have been piling up over the weeks.

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So Hinano tried to explain why she and jpmeyer are out of commission this week. I couldn’t really figure out what she was trying to tell me, so she drew a 4koma about it.

Apparently no one bought her doujinshi, and they couldn’t get in the mood because pigeons were doing it outside of their window. Then jpmeyer got sick (again) and Hinano went home.

So yeah, no podcast this week. But at least this leaves me a lot of time to do some anime first episode previews!

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