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Hey everybody! Episode 5 of the Anime Nano Podcast is now ready for your downloading pleasure.

Hinano came back, but for imigran 50mg pills $275.00 some reason jpmeyer went missing. My Theory? They're the same person! Your hosts for Podcast #5 are:

  • Hung from
  • Hinano from
  • DiGiKerot from

Bittorrent link (help us save bandwidth!): Direct Download: [audio:http://podcast. animenano. com/podcasts/Anime_Nano_Podcast_005. mp3]

In this episode, Hinano recalls her Otakon experiences. We answer a bunch of fanmail (and get off topic). The mailbox included topics such as the definition of NEET, why Canada thinks anime = porn, and gender equality issues in anime and Japan. Also, we discuss the coming in of Hard Gay. How could you, HG!?

Also, please review our podcast at . They'll be helpful to get more people to listen. Maybe. We'd also like to get your opinion on how long you'd like the Anime Nano podcast to be. Is 70 minutes too much? Too little Sound off in the comments section. Imigran 50mg pills $275.00 show notes:

op: wild spice by okui masami ed: young man by hard gay

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Hinano's parody, parody imigran 50mg pills $275.00, and her .


Wikipedia entry on the (that Japanese three string thing).

News item about .

Wikipedia entry on .

Post about why .

Copy of the Edmonton Post story about how .

The site has some pretty good starting vocab for anyone wanting to learn Japanese.

The that Hinano suggested learning Japanese with.

The that Hung learned(?) Japanese [imigran 50mg pills $275.00] with.

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