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episode 6 of the anime nano podcast is out and about!

we finally have our full regular cast back this week. Your hosts are:

  • Hung from
  • jpmeyer from
  • Hinano from

Bittorrent link (help us save bandwidth!): Direct Download: [audio:http://podcast. animenano. com/podcasts/Anime_Nano_Podcast_006. mp3]

In this episode, we answer a lot of mailbag questions. We go over video games, the eternal battle of subs vs. dubs, France, and other random stuff. Afterwards we talk about "shonen ai" vs. "boy's love" and [combivir 150mg pills $198.00] what the difference is. We also discuss "superflat" and how it's not just bad animation.

Show Notes:

OP - Honto no Kimochi by Kugimiya Rie ED - Clover by marhy

Hinano's Otome game combivir 150mg pills $198.00, .

The online shop where Hinano gets all her H-Games, now with !

The , I think.

Also, the that jpmeyer forgot to sing. He'll do it next time.

, from combivir 150mg pills $198.00 Urban Dictionary.

, from Wikipedia. A that gets jp pumped.

, referenced in the France talk.

Os Tan , on Wikipedia.

The , which is totally off-topic, by the way.

Wikipedia on .

Where to buy Japanese import stuff: , , .

(also way off topic).

Hinano's online Pocky store, .

Hung's only venture into .

Darkmirage's post on the uber-awesome !

Hung's review of , the Wikipedia thing on .

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