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Anime Nano Podcast #11 is up! In this one, we scrape for news. We talk about Gakuen Heaven, the upcoming MangaNEXT, and the newest Anime Nano POLL! We also answer questions about eating, swords, and Kyon X Itsuki. Bittorrent link (help us save bandwidth!): Anime Nano Podcast #11 Direct Download: Anime Nano Podcast #11 [Audio […]

After a week off, we bring you Anime Nano Podcast #10! In this episode, we discuss ADV’s new licenses. We also take a look at ADV’s, CPM’s and Bandai’s online anime download services. We discuss the new anime about Koizumi Junichiro and also pimp the Anime Nano Fanclub on Facebook! After answering mailbag questions, we […]

This is really what happened. So during the weekend, Hinano and jpmeyer held hands. This made jpmeyer sick, and he’s out of commision right now. That, and we don’t have any topics to talk about. Plus people hate us. So rather than make a bunch of random stuff up, we’ll call this a bye week. […]

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