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Anime Nano Podcast #18: Revenge of the Nano


The Anime Nano Podcast is finally off of hiatus! This week, we cover stuff like the Basugasubakuhatsu Karaoke Contest, recent licenses, SaiGAR, and the new Winter season anime! We also go through the piled up questions from the mailbag.

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Show Notes:

OP: Baragoku Otome by ALI PROJECT
ED: Happy Flight by Tomita Maho

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Hinano’s new blog home is with jpmeyer’s minaide, hazukashii! And here’s the link to her manga thing.

Here’s the link to the now over karaoke contest at Congrats to the winners!

The official Haruhi site (man, this is soooo old news).

Death Note License news thing.

Rozen Maiden License news thing.

Link to the SaiGAR results page.

Here’s Hinano’s link on how the Winter season sucks!

We once again used Moetron’s list to go through the Winter anime season.

Here’s a picture of the life sized Keroro bank that Hung wants.

Here’s the story about some woman dying from a Wii contest.

Here’s that Brock song that Hinano was singing.

This is the manga that’s soooo not getting into Canada.

Here’s the Wontaek Korean Japanese clash thingy.

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Congratulations to Karin, Shuichiro and TJ han for winning the contest. You guys really deserved it! =)

GARgoyle is gar, but no one watched Gargoyle of the Yoshinagas.

Also, please review the Lolicon Phoenix manga. (it’s a gag manga, not porn)

I haven’t beat the first Phoenix Wright, so I should do that before I get the next one. I haven’t heard of Hotel Dusk.

First of all yay! thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much for releasing a new ep!

and second where the crap is the link to Hinano’s manga? i’m really interested in checking it out.

Good podcast. Stupid arguments like Pokemon vs. Digimon are AWESOME.

I don’t really want to get into a Genre Debate, but Lain is definitely not Horror. It doesn’t have ANY Horror genre conventions (that I can think of, at least). If you have to put it in a genre, it’s Transhumanist.

Hung…you *are* a weeaboo.

The Manabi girls do look like they have chubby faces and skinny bodies it’s weird! Maybe an evil animator snuck into where they were making Kanon and stole the snow bunny idea? I want a 3ft Keroro to send round the world on one of those ‘take me on holiday and send back photos’ then there could be pictures of Keroro all round the world failing to take over, getting molested by wild animals. Nooo, how can you not like Lain, it was awesome in a cute pretentious kind of way. I will totally go digg your podcast now – digg? That sounds so weird.

My last reply disappeared so I’m trying again

Taiyaki: I believe I know the two different taiyaki Hinano bought as most Korean Grocery stores carry one by Korean company and another by Japanese company. The Japanese company version is about twice as expansive compared to the Korean one is most locations. The Korean version is made by a company with BAD REPUTATION for quality. I am somewhat offended as using this sole example to condemn the ‘Korean taiyaki’ as there really isn’t any fundamental difference in ingredient and cooking method: The Korean version used cheaper ingredient and equipments. Anyone who tried to experiement with cooking would know how much difference there can be between salt, pepper, and sugar of different company. Another way of saying this is, just because many finds Pizza Hut’s Pizza disagreeable, does it mean all ‘American’ Pizza is bad? One more example: I found the Meijer brand powdered sugar to be somewhat bitter and sour, while Domino brand powdered sugar didn’t have those unpleasant tastes. I would be wrong to condemn all powdered sugar sold in Meijer store to be bad, just because Meijer Brand powdered sugar was bad.

In Korea, there exist so many different variety of taiyakis, that some Japanese might think of it as being sacrilegious to their taiyaki. The best I have ever tasted are the ones made by my wife, who also is a Korean.

Great podcast, guys. I always enjoy listening to these while just chilling out and doing nothing.

As for the manga vs. manwha debate, here are the two links where the fight has occurred. I like to point out that Jpmeyer is right on saying there is a long history of Koreans and Japanese stealing things from each other. What is sad is that many people wrongly believes so many things to be Japanese, when, in truth, they are from China or Korea. animation

Code Geass sooooo isn’t licensed yet, and Hinanos obscure anime isn’t really all that obscure either.

Other than that, it was nice to have something to listen to on a Monday morning again ^^

Regarding the question about keeping or throwing away manga– in Japan (at least from my experience), it’s quite common to buy manga, read it, then throw it away when you’re done. I suspect Americans are more into collecting manga because it’s a bit harder to obtain than in Japan.

I need to point out that the link beside my name gives only very biased view of the whole situation. As jpmeyer mentioned, Korea and Japan has been stealing from each other often. If you consider historical perspective, there are many things Japan literally stole from Korea and China. Even today, they borrow ideas from each other, but usually don’t give any credits to each other. Sadly, too many Korean leaders are content copying whatever that was successful in Japan.

There are some groups of Japanese who makes it their mission to spread bad words about Korea through internet and other mediums. I have stumbled upon one in AnimeSuki Forum: The person was so blatant about his bigotry in his only 2 posts he made on the forum, his posts were quickly deleted by forum administrator. The tactic they use is to find a real wrongdoing by Koreans and publicize it. If out of 100 events, there were 10 good deeds by Korean, 85 neutral, and 5 bad deeds, they will tout the 5 bad as if it represents all 100 events. This is a tactic frequently employed by many radical groups including those that has been branded as terrorist organizations by US government. Since these guys frequent many websites that shows interest in Japanese culture, it won’t be long until they become very active in anime blog sites and anime discussion forums. I felt, as a Korean, I need to make people aware of this.

Maybe I should have expressed my sincere appreciation for this episode before posting my easily-misunderstood post about it. Apologies for that. Also, *appreciation*.

I watched Higurashi because I kept hearing Hinano mentioning it. And let me say, it’s made me paranoid. However, I LOVE it. It makes me twitch sometimes, which i take as a good sign. ^_^ I watched it with waffo up to episode five. Now, to keep going.

I remember reading Deltora Quest a few years back. It’s for kids, but i still cant wait to see it. Is that bad?

JP’s anime club sounds a lot more fun than mine. I wish we had more time and our school wasnt so damned strict. We’ve been trying to take a trip to a con for 3 years now.

You guys never answered my third question. Was that some ploy as to escape the number 4?

So i shall re-ask. 1) What’s your favorite non-japanese (non-soundtrack) band?

2) If you guys could relate yourselves to an anime character, who would that be? Personality, not looks. Or both ^_^

3) do you have an anime dirty little secret? Like a bad dub in the back of your closet that you cant get rid of becuase it holds so many memories? Like Cardcaptors or Pokemon or Zoids or Sailor Moon or something. I know a lot of people do. And if you do, what is it?

Finally, it’s back! I’ll have both this and the gonintendo podcast to listen to on the way to/from school. I thought you were gonna stop there, phew =D

I have a question for the next episode:

Have you played any *decent* anime licensed games? i.e. Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (I hate DBZ, but I thought this was pretty good) or Bleach DS?


Do any of you play visual novels/bishoujo games? If so, is it for the story or the h-cgs? XXXD.

Bye Bye!

Hmmm, I dunno. I suppose Negi does display some GAR qualities in the later volumes of the manga, but even in just Negima Kotaro is far, far more GAR than Negi is. In either case, Negi has no right being in a SAIGAR tourney. He just isn’t GAR enough.

LOL that pic reminds me of the Rock Opera version of the Imperial March melody on the Lego Wars 2 for the PS2. 😆

Also, it’s good to hear from you guys again. ^^

Fun podcast this week 😀 I look forward to the next one you guys.

If you had the power to un-license one anime that’s already licensed which one would it be? And why? Applies to all licensed anime, doesn’t matter if its new or old. 🙂

And, if anime never existed, what else would you be doing instead as a hobby or interest?

“And, if anime never existed, what else would you be doing instead as a hobby or interest? ”
-gasps- blasphemy!

heh, it’s a podcast… so i have to listen to it on my ipod 🙂

my question is uhhh… when… uhhh… what… did… you have… for… uhhh… lunch?

In response to the absurdity that is SaiGAR, it shows that men can sometimes be poor judges of others’ masculinity, but good ones in femininity. *sighs*

Do you think anime airing on local television “kills” the anime?
With NARuto airing here, my interest for Naruto seems to have gone down. Maybe it’s because of the fillers though.

I think jpmeyer and hinano have become ragnarok online junkies or something. Like that’s the reason we didn’t do it two weeks ago. Last week there wasn’t anything to talk about. This week maybe?

It takes a lot of time to record and edit the podcast, so it’s kind of hard to get motivated to do it. I think pictures of imouto will help. Legal imouto.

Just replace JP and Hinano for a week – they’ll be all distraut about it and, as such, will make sure that they are available for future podcasting goodness.

Well, either that or they’ll never talk to you again ^^;

There’s no rush, even though it has been a while. Happy Valentine’s day everybody (at least where I am).

So where are the pics, I wonder…

Better put up an post explaining the situation, or else the audience will go somewhere else to get their podcast fix.

Tell them in the main page, or something. :S

*crys*…*stops* meh it was fun while it lasted. I shall miss the podcast!
Hinano was the best!

But alas!

I’m glad to have listened!

Hung, JP, and Hinano thank you.

Ha ha oh wow. Can’t say I’m surprised. It’s pretty funny that they didn’t tell anybody though.

Podcast was awesome, if it dies, it was great while it lasted, etc., etc.

Wow such a shame (if it gone for sure), I came into this really late and loved it since I listened to it. That and I always wanted to do a guest thing thought that would just be awesome and stuff (hey, hey still up for it too I have Skype and stuff user name is teh_shadro just by the off chance I would get a call to guess or something crazy :P). That and I got a lot of idea for my podcast kinda off of this and how random works so well. But there is my few sense.

You know, I’m sure Hung could put up a cohost application form if he really wanted to. Then we could have some sort of SaiHost or something where we choose the winners.

Might make a good community project.


I don’t think the podcast is “dead” just yet, just on a kind of hiatus. I wouldn’t mind having different hosts, but I’m gonna be really busy this month.

I might even have to stop blogging for a little while. Well, maybe not, but yeah, until things settle down, no new podcast (they take forever to edit!).

Hello Again, I just would like to know if there will be any new podcasts in the near future.
Please let me know…..Thanks

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