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Anime Nano Podcast #15: The Truth About Taiyaki

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This week on the Anime Nano Podcast, we have our regular cast of Hung, Hinano, and jpmeyer again. We talk about the (not so delicious) taiyaki that jpmeyer and Hinano ate together, and also the sex museum that they went to. WTF? We also discussed the second seasons of Haruhi and Zero no Tsukaima for a little bit before going to the mailbag.

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Show Notes:


The screencap of the seemingly anatomically correct trap.

I couldn’t find the actual Pokerap, but here’s a fan made video on youtube.

The UC Davis Aggies!

The Saigar tournament! Saigar is also a place in Pakistan.

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OK I said that calaggie was actually Cal Aggie like infinity podcast comments ago.

I am pretty sure its Koga from pokemon that goes fufufu. Also, hang saying uguu is creepy.

The other character that does the ohohoho laugh is Michiyo Asagi aka mi-chan from Mahoraba. (The ohohoho type laugh is also my favorite, I am a sucker for the ojou.)

So Mahoraba – great anime and manga or the greatest anime and manga?

Also, are there any recent anime titles that are more fun to say than bakumatsu kikansetsu irohanihoheto?

I think this question was skipped in one of the no podcast weeks, so I’ll ask it again. If Hinano really is a tsundere, what’s the dere-dere-est thing she’s ever done?

Maybe I just should start signing comments “CalAggie” so there’s no confusion on how to pronounce it. Good detective work in figuring out it referred to UCD, though. The sports teams are called the Aggies but the mascot is actually a mustang named Gunrock. Weird, huh?

Anyway, nice short yet entertaining podcast this week so keep up the good work. The bulge argument was funny; after looking at the picture, I agree with Hung that I can see a slight one but I personally would consider a potential trap’s face in making a decision about how to proceed.

About Anime Veteran comments, I wonder what I would be considered since I have been watching anime since 1976. Many of the ones I saw doesn’t even have English titles yet.

hin and jpm> you guys went to mitsuwa last week? i could’ve met up with you two! and jpm, too bad you didn’t like the taiyaki. they can make them with different fillings if you don’t like the red bean filling.

hin> I don’t mind being the san-ban wheel. It’ll be more fun than studying for the LSATs and applying to law schools anyway. :p

hung> If you want ccs fansubs, I can hook you up. 🙂

question1: have any of you ever gone through a “i’m sick of anime” phase, or a period of time when you simply didn’t have time to watch any anime for months? how would you try to motivate someone who’s losing interest in anime?

question2: for hung, how many hours have you logged on disgaea2? what’s the best item you have?

question3: what’s the best anime for falling asleep to, for those of us who use anime as a sleeping aid, not necessarily because it’s boring, but because it’s soothing, relaxing, and helps clear the mind (of deadlines, law school apps, LSATs, etc.)

Hinano doesn’t like Mai-HiME?! I would understand not liking Mai-Otome…
I logged on Disgaea 2 for about 50 something hours. Episode 12!

Question: Can Hung do the whole poke rap? and how many of the pokemon did you guys actually remember? I remember remembering the whole first season pokemon but after that it just got ridiculous.

Apparently you didn’t get a lot of last week’s questions. Well, I’ll just copy mine from before, less work for me:

Haruhi is the new Sakura which was the new Rei. Do you notice that more and more characters have the same names once at least two memorable characters with that name become popular? Or is it just that we notice it because they are?
-”The whole show should be like that episode!” Replace “like that episode” with “about that character” or “about that character falling on the ice” or whatever you choose. Is this phrase ever actually true? What would happen if the producers took it as an honest opinion? I assume not anything good.
-Spinoff OVAs and movies. Is it better practice to cut some characters out and devote more time to the story, or make sure to fit every character in so no one gets mad?

“Is Gunrock like Guntank?”

Best question ever.

Actually I would say that it is more like a combination of guntank guncannon, mudrock and sandrock. 😛

Underwater Ray Romano may want to know what the most deredere thing that Hinano has done, but I am much more interested in what the most tsuntsun thing that she has done.

does watching samurai pizza cats and sailor moon counts as ‘watching anime since way back when’? lol cause if it isn’t, i’m probably with hung with pokemon being the first anime to watch religiously 🙂

and… was there any anime that had such a bad ending that fans forced the animators to make another better ending?

Be prepared for a long comment from yours truly. 😛

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Mizuho (where the “anatomically correct trap” points to) looks somewhat like Kotori from the DC series (DC and DCSS)? I mean, aside from the seiyuu being Yui Horie and all, there are similarities in facial shape, hair length, so… yeah. XD

I guess the whole “sex museum tour” was a weird experience for two of you (that’s Hinano and jpmeyer). I mean, in the “hentai section”, without any giggles and snickers induced by embarrassment, that’s what I think is an experience.

About the green tea, of course it’s supposed to be tasteless (or as if there’s no aftertaste whatsoever). After all, it’s brewed tea leaves in hot drinking water.
I guess the realization was enlightening, of sorts.

And what 2nd season of Haruhi and ZnT? I guess both series haven’t covered all the volumes. Could this be another attempt at “cashing on the popularity” or is it due to fanbase reaction from the already aired season?

Concerning “traps” (a href=””>since Wikipedia has a rather ambiguous entry on it), I’ll be doing a commentary some time soon on its connection with a well-known trend on the Net. Pardon the “attempted sarcastic intent”, if there ever is one, lol, as I go over my list of issues to be discussed.

So the whole pronunciation of Japanese names by non-Japanese speakers is kinda like a Catch-22 situation? You said either are weird, so…

I’ve been exposed to anime shows, like in 1991 (Voltes V was popular among all ages at that time, I think), mostly on local TV channels, but began to recognize them as anime in around 1998, coinciding with the first time I was a sub of Love Hina on the Net. So am I a veteran by “years of exposure”? Hardly, because I have trouble remembering all the titles I’ve watched, haha.

LOL at the preview. So by demand it’ll be a recurring portion (or omake), or only if you guys feel like it?

Your wrong!Of course the “Green Tea” suppose to be tasteless your such an idiot!Don’t drag Sailor Moon into this you morons!Will you guys stop taking about the “Anime” and start talking about yourself much easier!

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