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Anime Nano Podcast #13: It’s A Trap!


Hey everybody, we’re back from another break last week. Maybe we should just call this a bi-weekly podcast, huh? This week we talk about the results of the Saimoe Tournament, Hinano talks about music, jpmeyer talks about traps, and Hung talks about boy’s love.

Then we answer some questions from the mailbag, like how to get your anime blog noticed! Oh, and Os showed up to chime in and listen to the podcast raw.

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Show Notes:

Saimoe Tournament Results from Kurogane.

That Negima Beach game review I mentioned.

Broccoli Books Blog entry about the boys love naming contest.

Hinano’s too fast link to the corn thing (NSFW!)

Hung’s post about 9rules submission round 5!

Some more sexually tilted lines from Star Wars!

Moemetrics is a blog that needs to update more.

Here’s an example of the Anime Suki forums and those strongest character type threads.

Whoa, Naruto Cup-O-Noodles!

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Okay! Questions this week!
-What’s the worst Western manga publisher? Why? Are they too slow? Never check the official spellings of names? Just have an obnoxious logo?
-What’s with the anti-Kanon backlash? Do these people not like slow, character-driven stories, or maybe believe that rumour about it cutting short Haruhi or something? I think they just want to be contrary and get more comments.
-Did you ever try to draw your own original manga? I’ve done a million and always give up after 2 pages. Artist I am not.

And I like Mizuki Nana!

Nodame is the first Japanese drama I have begun to follow regularly. I would love to get some recordings of Utawarerumono radio broadcast as it probably is the funniest anime related radio show ever. Beware of Dark Eruru’s Infinite Fork Works.

Ahh… I guess it’s safe to assume my question will never get answered… Oh well… Nice podcast this week as always.

Hinano is correct. I am a girl! and no it won’t be kyoudai ai… ewww hahah i was thinking more along the lines of kyoudai alliance or something of that nature.

how long can you guys last without anime?

lol, 99% action if i eat the cup noodles 😀

not sure if this is asked but,

what’s your take on anime in HD and in 7.1 surround sound?

if it was asked, just disregard it


did you guys get into jpop/rock because of anime, or did you like japanese music before you discovered anime? If the former, do you attribute your predilection towards japanese music a result of anime influence, or do you think you’d be a jpop/rock fan even if you didn’t watch anime?

I ask this because I think the link between japanese music and anime is very similar to that between game osts and games. If you played for me any random ost of a game I’ve never played, I’d probably think it was crap. But if it’s from a game I thoroughly enjoyed, I’d be very likely to enjoy the music mainly because it’d remind me of the game– the excitement, the joys, the anticipations and feelings of fulfillment derived from the game. I think the same relationship exists between anime and japanese music, or anything from japanese pop culture for that matter. What do you guys think?

oh and about the “strongest character” question— lol, sorry didn’t know it was a hackneyed topic. i don’t frequent animesuki forums (or any anime forum), and anyway i wasn’t looking for a definitive answer, just an entertaining discussion. i still think it’s an interesting topic of discussion, though i suppose if you’ve had/heard it before, probably not so much. 🙂

My blog is finally up (and has meaningful posting), so check it out.

A famous reverse trap that you guys forgot that everyone didn’t know about until the end the main guy form .hack//Sign (havn’t seen it and therefore can’t remember his/her name heheh sorry)

As for questions

Other than JP’s fencing have any of you done any martial arts? (I am still disappointed in my own hypocritical way that none of you have any swords.)

Also Hinano, where did you get Taiyaki? (I want Taiyaki…)

If you’re in NJ/NY, you can get tayaki from Mitsuwa. There’s also a Japanese bookstore there where I get manga sometimes, though I haven’t been there for a long time. But ya… taiyaki yummy 😀

uh thats kinda freakin weird but whatever….. 🙂 anyway i just wanted to know if any of u guys know where to find anime layouts for yahoo! bc i really like anime (plus i draw it) and i was wondering if i coud find a sweet layout of bleach or inuyahsa or something lol @[email protected] so…….. respond back if u get it . alrighty adios amigos 🙂

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