Anime Nano Podcast: MangaNEXT’d


So Hinano tried to explain why she and jpmeyer are out of commission this week. I couldn’t really figure out what she was trying to tell me, so she drew a 4koma about it.

Apparently no one bought her doujinshi, and they couldn’t get in the mood because pigeons were doing it outside of their window. Then jpmeyer got sick (again) and Hinano went home.

So yeah, no podcast this week. But at least this leaves me a lot of time to do some anime first episode previews!

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  1. I can relate to Hinano’s experience at the artist table. No one fuckin’ buys anything! This is part of why I’ve decided never to go to an anime convention ever gain.

  2. So jpmeyer looks exactly like the glasses girl in Gokujo Seitokai…

    Darn, no podcast for this week. Meh.

  3. aww man no podcast this week. when you say they couldn’t get in the mood… w0ahhh ohwell i just wanted to know if they got to dance with eachother at that con dance thingy

  4. Did anyone at least look at or flip through Hinano’s dojinshi? Was it received like Subaru’s book in Comic Party?

  5. OMG after looking at the comic and after reading the post. It is somwhow funny. But then awwwwww nobody likes Hinano’s doujinshi.

  6. Hinano was at MangaNext? Selling a doujinshi? Where…I would have bought it if I knew it was her. What series was the doujinshi based on?

  7. Well Hinano, you should draw an Animenano doujin next. That would definately turn out very funny ;D

  8. I do the 4komas instead Kurisu ๐Ÿ˜›

    Michael I was selling the Narusaku doujinshi it was pink and had Hinata & Sakura on the cover…my table was like the one that when you came in it was directly in the right corner by the wall

  9. Darn – I guess yours is probably one of maybe three tables in the artist gallery that I didn’t take the opportunity to check out.

    I will say that I was a bit disappointed in MangaNext – it’s probably because I’m from California, and grew up going to the Anime Expo.

  10. i plan to go to anime expo next year (and maybe drag JP with me :D) so i might do the artist alley thing again. manga next had its first year and as i sat on my ass for 10 hours in the artist alley i cant really comment on how good or bad it was since i wasnt too involved.

  11. Wel you know the reason very fewpeople bought it was because it was NarutoxSakura, and everyone supports NarutoxHinata ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. I still have leftover copies!! at this point 5 people said they want to buy one so that still leaves about 8 more available please buy!! $9 each! ( shipping)

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