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Anime Nano Podcast #1: Anime Expo 2006 Licenses, Summer Anime Impressions, and Shoujo vs. Shonen Genre Labels

What the heck!? It’s the first ever Anime Nano Podcast! Episode 1! So this episode was basically a test to see if making a podcast would be feasable. Featured are:

In this episode, we discuss the recent Anime Expo 2006 Anime and Manga licenses. We also go through a bunch of the Summer 2006 anime and argue about what is good/bad. Finally, we take a look at the genre labels of Shojo and Shonen, arguing why they’re kinda pointless now.

Bittorrent link (help us save bandwidth!): Anime Nano Podcast #1
Direct Download: Anime Nano Podcast #1

If you liked this podcast, let us know in the comments section. You can also suggest ideas for the next podcast and ask questions (hopefully we can have some kind of mailbag feature next time). Thanks for listening!

29 replies on “Anime Nano Podcast #1: Anime Expo 2006 Licenses, Summer Anime Impressions, and Shoujo vs. Shonen Genre Labels”

I thought this was great. Best line: “I’m not a lolicon. I just like cute little girls.”

Good host, and good expert commentaries from JP Meyer and Hinano. Make sure Hinano says all the Japanese titles: her pronunciation is the best. And… “I’m not a loli… I just like looking at little girls” 😀

Yups that was some good podcasting over tharr.. Hinano’s volume level was a little quiet.. but I guess that’s coz Hung and Jp are just noisy otaku

Is everyone briefed on the topics beforehand or do you just slip it in on them on the sly? Prior Knowledge might help for some more indepth discussions, and take a little bit of the weight from Hung.

Also, personally I’d prefer the guests to introduce themselves.. Not that Hung’s voice isn’t sexy enough. Just feels more right.

I also vote for getting orz up in there, for the angryman wildcard.

But good stuff anyhow

Subscribed using iTunes, downloading now 🙂

You should really fix the RSS feed link on the right, right now it links to ‘feed://http//’ 😛

Also, ever considered adding it to the iTunes Music Store Podcast Directory?

Hmm, I didn’t notice that feed thing. I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.

Also, I did submit to the iTunes Podcast Directory. I think it needs to be approved first, though.

Your comments on Coyote Ragtime had me rolling on the floor 😀 Excellent job you guys. Looking forward to the next episode.

Btw, yes Z maybe a bastardization of the original, but the cute factor keeps us tuning in for more! Not to mention the henshin sequences :3

Yeah the “I just like cute little girls” thing made me laugh out loud too! I haven’t listened to it all yet, think I’ll listen to people’s thoughts on all the new anime’s when I’ve seen them too so it means more to me. Anime blogger’s voices…it’s so bizarre, but in a cool way, you’re all more real now! ^_^

Good job – it turned out well. Hung isn’t allowed to self-depreciate in IRC anymore due to being a pretty decent host.

Also: more people involved would be good, but not too many more to keep audability. Needs some more different accents to sex it up a bit, too.

I haven’t bothered with many podcasts before, but this one was good! Everyone sounds knowledgable and manages to keep the discussion interesting, and all three of you sounded clear and understandable.

I really look forward to more!

Congratulations on the first podcast — great podcast!

Here’s my suggestions:

If you’ve blogged it, or somebody else has, don’t say it (ex: that new show that’s Shakugan no Shana-meets-Harry Potter). Bring something new to the table. Between now and the next podcast, take something you want to blog and don’t – save it for the podcast.

You don’t have to rehash current blogging conversations (shojo/shonen labels) – especially ones where there’s not a lot of controversy – unless you have something to say that totally recasts (or mercilessly mocks) the discussion. Use the podcast to start conversations – assign a topic for listeners to blog about, then pick the best post on the next podcast.

Focus on stuff you’re passionate about instead of round-ups (e.g. of licensing news, mediocre new series) that don’t inspire strong feelings and already get thoroughly blogged. Argue with each other. Extreme opinions ftw! Don’t be too cool to talk like a fan – sometimes you should skip thoughtful/witty/nuanced and go straight to the ZOMG material.

Talk about bloggers & blogging (but not ad nauseam). Periodically give blogging awards, mixing silly & serious categories. Get your readers/listeners to submit anonymously something they’ve always wanted to say to another blogger, whether it’s have-my-baby fanmail or bringing the hate….

Mix up the format – it doesn’t have to be 3-way conversations all the time. Turn over the mike to one of the hosts for a rant, lecture, poetry reading, whatever. Rant-of-the-week is a big crowd-pleaser – it doesn’t have to be angry why-I-hate-___, maybe you’re dying to unleash your inner fanboy/girl and go off on why ___ is the best series/seiyuu/etc. ever! Do a few of these, and your listeners will be begging to do their own on-air rants.

Get creative and goofy – if the summer season’s mostly meh, have a recurring segment where Ouran’s Renge does anime makeovers. Dubs suck? Take a transcript of a poorly-dubbed show (or soon-to-be-poorly-dubbed), and U B the Dubbers – hilarity, as they say, ensues.

Skype w/your other hosts regularly between podcast sessions, until you get a feel for their rhythms & cadences and how to bring out their best comments, opinions, jokes, etc.

Good luck!

I would like to add that to the suggestions above that show notes would be nice – when references are made to certain sites or particular blog entries, the listeners don’t have to rewind to catch down the anime name, as I had to do for Zaizen Jotaro.

Show notes will also help in rehashing the topics discussed,
and is usefulin making your podcast “searchable”, as people looking for insight on a particular topic discussed can get to your podcast through search engines and stuff.

Anyways, congrats for a wonderful starting episode to your podcast show!

[…] After hearing the Anime Nano Podcast #1, I find that the topics discussed on that episode were rather interesting. What really caught my attention was the labels of Shōnen and Shōujo. So… Are they genres, or target demographic? In the past, these labels have been treated as genres, however, it doesn’t seem to be the case now. As far as we know now, Shounen are targeted for young boy audiences and of course Shoujo are for young girls. So what is so different that they are target for different genders? […]

Nice first episode. One thing that annoyed me just a little was the kind of wooden transition between shows in the summer rundown. Other than that, there didn’t seem to be a boring moment in it. I’m looking forward to hearing episode 2.

I agree with bakavic that there should be show notes. It’s pretty standard for most podcasts and that makes it easier for listeners to read the posts mentioned in topic discussions.

And since you’re fielding suggestions:
+ What’s the “point of no return” in terms of finishing a series?

+ Going off Hinano’s comment, what should be done to fix crappy fanservice for girls? BTW, this is coming from a guy.

Keep up the good work!

I really liked ‘Cryptomnemonics’ point and i believe that you should really pay close attention to that!! Honestly i dont know what to think for the first episode. You started really quick to get rid of the ‘Licensing’ Subject, then completely turned off at presenting the new anime for the season, which honestly, you just went over the list at a specific site. Next time you want to talk about anime, specify first what anime is your strong point and your weak point. Which do you really like, and dislike (genres that is!!) That will give an idea to anime fans/otaku when are you mixing personal information or just stating the facts for an anime. Second, dont point at fansubbing groups saying that they shouldnt pick anime based on your ideas only. You desrespect the fansubbing groups that pick the anime and fansub it, free, for everyone else to watch. They put so much effort into it (most of them at least!!) and you come and laugh at them???

Btw at next episode try to not only develop your ideas into something better, but also make it more fun and develop personal ideas about your group. present news that are not easily found. For example the next anime con is going to be at this date, companies that are going to be presented there and the location. is one of your team members a cosplayer, cross-dresser, lolicon maniac?? Present that also, its fun!!! 🙂

Try to present your characters as well as presenting anime and anime news, in compination with all ‘Cryptomnemonics’ points. You have something there, you just need to develop it, keep going.

(Btw, sometimes i cant get to understand what you people say, i dont know if its cause its 4 in the morning but keep a bit of a distance from the mic. Enough to be heard, but also good enough so the words sont mix together and ‘eaten’ by the mic!!!)

[…] Hung’s famous words on his debut podcast, “I’m not lolicon, I just. like. cute. little. girls.” struck home with me. I will now admit much to my meido-fetishing brethens’ disappointment that I don’t have meido-con, I. just. like. maid. uniforms. This largely explains today’s purchase. Lilic’s non-scaled (although it feels like a 1/7 to me) meido-fuku Chii of Chobits fame. […]

o.O…nice XD

I wish I had that long new anime list T.T…..

Good First eppy

This podcast was recommanded to me by my friend =)

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